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Fancy FAQ Extension for Magento® 2 by CreativeMinds

Magento FAQ extension creates a sleek, responsive FAQ page with question categories and subcategories .

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Customers can easily search FAQ page with an autocomplete search bar to find exactly what they’re looking for.

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Best FAQ Extension for Magento 2

On any ecommerce site, it’s common for customers to have questions before buying a product or after purchasing.

Answering the same questions over and over can be frustrating and time consuming for customer service teams.

Avoid this by creating a customized FAQ page with all frequently asked questions using the Magento Questions and Answers extension.

FAQ Autocomplete Search Module

This Magento FAQ module allows the admin to save customer service time by displaying customized FAQ on an organized page with categories and sub-categories, an autocomplete search box, and responsive design.
Showing the autocomplete functionality. You can start typing the initial sentence and the autocomplete will show all relevant questions already in FAQ database
Showing the autocomplete functionality. You can start typing the initial sentence and the autocomplete will show all relevant questions already in FAQ database

Adding and Editing FAQ Questions

With the Magento FAQ Extension, admin are able to easily create a simple FAQ page or simple FAQ layout, manage questions and answers in the admin panel and set up categories for their FAQ page.

Admin can choose which question categories to show first in order to highlight featured categories

The Edit FAQ Question page from the admin dashboard
The Edit FAQ Question page from the admin dashboard

Using the FAQ Extension:

  • Customized FAQ Page -Create a sleek and customized FAQ responsive page in your Magento ecommerce store.
  • Easily manage FAQ Page -Manage questions, answers and categories from the Magento admin panel
  • Search FAQ – This is ideal extension which allows users to search questions and answers in an auto-complete search box.
  • Reduce Customer Support Load -Customers can find answers to Magento product FAQ without contacting customer service.
  • FAQ Knowledgebase Extension – Creates a self-service knowledge base available 24/7
  • FAQ Categories – Group questions and answers into categories and sub-categories
  • Responsive FAQ Extension – Fully responsive and beautiful design

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Fancy FAQs Extension Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

FAQ Page – This advanced FAQ extension lets you create a separate FAQ page or FAQ Magento section in your Magento store.
Manage FAQ – FAQ grid makes it easy to manage questions, answers and categories from Magento admin panel with this FAQ manager extension.
Search Questions – Search bar ensures customers can easily find the questions they’re looking for.
Auto-Complete Search – Customers can start typing the initial sentence and autocomplete will show all relevant questions stored in the FAQ database.
Auto-Complete Search – Customers can view possible questions immediately.
Organize FAQ Page – Create FAQ topics & group questions and answers into categories.
FAQ Navigation Menu – Show all question categories and sub-categories or featured ones.
Hierarchical Categories – This adjustable FAQ Magento extension allows you to change position of FAQ categories layout.
Responsive FAQ – Fully responsive and beautiful design.
Sub-Categories – You can create a question and answer sub-categories under a parent category for the relevant FAQs.
Easy Setup – This easy FAQ magento extension is easy to setup. After downloading the faq module, the FAQ page link shows in ecommerce site footer.
Knowledge Base – Creates an FAQ knowledge base customers can always access.
Quick Answers – Helps to find FAQ item or faq and product questions quick and easy.
Time-Saving – FAQ Magento module saves precious admins’ and customers’ time.
Edit & Update – You can edit any FAQ content and update FAQs or FAQ title on any FAQ section page.
Delete Question – You can delete a single question, or FAQ groups from FAQ list view or faq listing layout.

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Magento® FAQ Extension Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Is the extension mobile responsive?

Yes the extension is fully mobile responsive.

Does the extension have auto-complete search?

Yes. The search box has a built in auto-complete function.

How many categories can I add to my FAQ page?

There is no upper limit to the number of categories that can be added to the Magento FAQ page. Although it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to add many categories for the sake of keeping your FAQ section neat, you can add as many as you need.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

I will need to show and hide certain questions depending on the season or time of year, can I do this without having to recreate questions from Scratch?

Yes. Assign questions to a category. For example – “Christmas tour questions” – then set the category to be visible when you need it to appear on your FAQ or not visible when it is not relevant for customers.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Is there any limit to the number of questions that can be asked or answered through the Fancy FAQ extension?

No. The extension will handle as many FAQ questions and answers as you can throw at it.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

How Can Questions and answers be Searched?

From the Admin Panel Questions can be searched through the Questions View in the Magento FAQ section. Answers can be viewed by opening the detailed view of the question.

From the Front-end customers can search questions and answers using the Searchbox on the FAQ page.

How many Subcategories can be added to the FAQ?

The Admin is free to add as many Child / Sub-categories as they need. You can also add sub-sub categories and so on to make the FAQ as complex as it needs to be.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



Flexible FAQ Extension Releae Notes

Version 1.0.2 24th May 2019

  • feat: Store view field added for the load categories and question as per store selected.
  • feat: Updated composer.json for support php 7.1.0 and 7.2.0
  • fix: category form validation
  • fix: question form validation
  • fix: styling changes
  • fix: some code fix
  • fix: configuration tab changed.
  • fix: cminds logo added in admin side
  • fix: css and js folder structure change as per the Magento folders

Version 1.0.1 19th June 2017

  • Fixed compilation issues

Extension First Release 20th September 2015