[Launch] Magento 2 Order Highlighter: Save Time on Order Management

[Launch] Magento 2 Order Highlighter: Save Time on Order Management

Order management in Magento 2 is the core of running a successful online store. You can get dozens or hundreds of orders every day, but your profit depends on how you will manage all the orders within a short period of time, so you are able to spend time on more important issues.

The Order Highlighter extension for Magento 2 is your life vest, which saves your time on managing orders by highlighting certain orders on the order grid. The extension will make your life easier as you can see highlighted orders with specific order status, payment method, or shipping method.

In this article we will focus on the advantages you will get from this extension.

Improved Magento 2 Order Management - Magento 2 Order Highlighter: Save Time on Order Management

Improved Magento 2 Order Management

By default, Magento 2 doesn’t organize orders in a convenient way for the admin. Thus, it seems that all the orders with different statuses are mixed up on the grid. The extension improves this functionality and allows you to apply color schemes to make certain orders look different.

For example, if you want to pay attention to pending orders at first, you can pick colors that will highlight orders with pending statuses only. The same rule is applied to orders with different payment methods and shipping methods. Just create a condition for each highlight and select colors.

This is how the order grid looks once you create two highlight rules:

Magento 2 Order Highlighter launch

Order Highlighter Extension for Magento 2

Prioritized Orders

Finding a necessary order within a short period of time may become quite challenging, as all the orders look the same. The extension simplifies the admin work by showing orders that match specified criteria. In this case, you will identify your prioritized orders with ease and use time wisely to create success.

Better Readability

Once you get a lot of orders, Magento 2 Order Highlighter will draw your attention to certain orders on the grid. The admin can choose what colors are to be displayed for separate or multiple order statuses, payment methods and shipping methods, and pick different colors for the background and foreground. That way, you can scan information faster, jumping from one order to another one.

This is how you can create a highlight rule based on certain conditions such as status, payment or shipping methods:

Magento 2 Order Highlighter launch

Add Order Highlight for Magento 2

Reduced Magento Order Management Time

Order Highlighter is a useful tool allowing you to prioritize order handling. As the extension provides many variants to help you visualize the order grid, time spending on multiple orders is decreasing completely.

Organize orders in a way that will allow you to manage orders within a short period of time by using the Magento 2 Order Highlight extension.