Magento 2.2 Overview: Brand New Benefits to your Webstore

Magento 2.2 Overview: Brand New Benefits to your Webstore

Magento 2 recently rolled out its latest version, Magento 2.2, bringing a wave of awesome new features for webstore owners to enjoy.

As we discussed last month, the update brings lots of helpful upgrades to improve the platform’s business-to-business (B2B) Ecommerce capabilities. However, the Magento 2.2 update also includes a notable range of overall improvements that webstores of every kind will find valuable.

This week, we’re going to look at the following improvements you’ll enjoy when you update your webstore to Magento 2.2:

• Performance Upgrades

• Security Improvements

• Website Reporting Enhancements

Note: Aside from the above benefits of updating, it’s also important to remember that failing to update your Magento website to the latest version is a security risk. This is because patch notes reveal flaws in previous versions, inviting hackers to exploit those areas of outdated websites.

If you haven’t yet, you can download the package to upgrade to Magento 2.2 here.

Magento 2.2 Performance Upgrades

Magento 2.2 Performance Upgrades - Magento 2.2 Overview: Brand New Benefits to your Webstore

Along with the added features for Ecommerce stores to improve business operations, Magento 2.2 also brings functionality updates to enhance its general performance.

These improvements to performance speed are all massively helpful when you consider that online shoppers have come to expect lighting fast load times, and many will leave your website if takes even just a few seconds too long for your store content to appear.

Cache improvements

Cache improvements - Magento 2.2 Overview: Brand New Benefits to your Webstore

Magento 2.2 now includes Varnish Cache’s “Grace” and “Saint” modes by default, though they can be manually turned off.

But what does this mean? Varnish Cache is an application that accelerates HTTP processes to speed up page load times for visiting customers on your website. It accomplishes this by storing webpages on your website’s server, rather than the visiting user’s device. Once stored in your server’s cache, pages no longer need to be compiled and will be displayed to your visitors faster.

Meanwhile, “Grace” and “Saint” modes refer to specific caching parameters that respectively serve expired versions of webpages, and blacklist unhealthy cache backends. Both practices ultimately lead to faster load times for your visitors.

Indexer Improvements

Magento 2.2 allows customers to browse around and make purchases on your webstore while indexes are running in the background, without creating any slowdowns.

At the same time, long-running indexes are now run in batches rather than all at once. This minimizes the required processing power for the indexer, and allows better performance speed and memory management throughout your website.

Shopping Cart Improvements

Shopping Cart Improvements - Magento 2.2 Overview: Brand New Benefits to your Webstore

While changes to Magento’s shopping cart don’t directly impact website performance speed, they do improve the time and convenience of your customer’s purchases.

Magento 2.2 has made it so customers can manage up to 300 line items, or products, in a single shopping cart at once. This value increase is great for accommodating buyers who want to make large orders from webstores, and reduces the need to manage multiple separate shopping carts.

Magento 2.2 Advances in Security

Every time Magento releases an update, it includes protective measures that close security gaps and resolve risks as they arise. Magento 2.2 is no different, and it also provides automatic anti-fraud measures to help its users sell their products safely.

General Security Improvements

To secure potential weaknesses with the Magento platform, the 2.2 update removes unserialized calls from its performance code to eliminate the vulnerabilities they allow. On top of that, Magento has added a hashing algorithm to better protect the information of its users.

Integrated Fraud Prevention with Signifyd

Integrated Fraud Prevention with Signifyd - Magento 2.2 Overview: Brand New Benefits to your Webstore

Signifyd is a fraud protection service made for Ecommerce webstores that was originally only available with the use of an extension. The Magento 2.2 update, however, offers Signifyd to every one of its users off the bat.

The main features are automatic order filling and fraud screening that automatically rejects any seemingly fraudulent orders. Also included is chargeback insurance which reimburses your webstore for lost revenue so you can sell products with less risk.

All-in-all, by combining a webstore with Signifyd, users will be able to cut down on fraud orders, reduce the time they spend managing preventative measures, and reduce operation security costs.

But keep in mind: A Signifyd subscription is still required to utilize any of these security benefits.

Magento 2.2 Website Reporting Enhancements

Magento 2.2 Website Reporting Enhancements - Magento 2.2 Overview: Brand New Benefits to your Webstore

Improved reporting has been a long-time request from Magento users, as demonstrated by the expansive library of Magento reporting extensions. Answering that call, Magento 2.2 now has built-in advanced reporting features by default.

An Improved Reporting Dashboard

Magento 2.2 allows users to view in-depth reports on every area of their website. From product and order data, to statistics on customer traffic and activity, all the information users need to make informed decisions when managing their websites is now available on one single dashboard page.

Combine your Website with Google Analytics

Combine your Website with Google Analytics - Magento 2.2 Overview: Brand New Benefits to your Webstore

Google Analytics is well known for being one of the most popular website reporting tools on the internet used by Ecommerce businesses both large and small. By accurately tracking trends in customer and web data, website owners are able to determine what parts of their website are working, and what parts aren’t.

Now with Magento 2.2, you can integrate your webstore’s data directly with Google Analytics to further improve your website’s reporting capabilities without the need for an extension. Among these improvements are the ability to set more specific metrics and dimensions for website tracking, and the integration of Google AdWords with your store.