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CreativeMinds Team

CreativeMinds’ team is comprised of highly-trained, skilled professionals, with years of experience in various fields of expertise and technologies, and primarily WordPress and Magento. We work according to our own structured methodology to ensure product quality, while adhering to an agreed timeline and budget. Our outstanding developers give their heart and soul daily to build quality plugins and extensions that make the web a better place.

CreativeMinds team

CreativeMinds team


David Rashty David Rashty (Co-Founder)

An entrepreneur and one of the earliest web pioneers, David has over twenty years of experience as CTO and CEO. He has been involved in several start-ups, established companies and has been the founder of two highly successful ventures. He is also the founder of JumpStartCTO, a consulting firm which helps entrepreneurs with the early stages of ventures. David published several books about the early days of the Internet and a poetry book titled “Desert Language”

Nachshon Fishbane Nachshon Fishbane (Co-Founder) – An experienced CTO and certified Magento® developer, Nachshon has worked in eCommerce ventures for many years in New-York and in Israel. Gaining profound experience and knowledge in both the business and technical aspects of the eCommerce market has made him a true expert in Magento, and a great asset to CreativeMinds.
Wojtek Kaminsky (Magento® Team leader) – An experienced and certified Magento® developer that specializes in developing Magento® extensions. His quick, functional approach, together with his deep understanding of complex web environments are what make him the best at what he does.
Martin Dudek (WordPress Team leader) – An experienced WordPress developer, Martin is responsible for assuring the high quality, stability and performance of all WordPress plugins developed by the company, while sticking to official WordPress coding standards as a quality assurance, all the way from ideas to products.