Introducing ListWP- The Ultimate Directory for WordPress Businesses

Introducing ListWP- The Ultimate Directory for WordPress Businesses

Last week we published a post that announced the release of our brand new CM Business Directory plugin, which helps create business listings in any professional field, alongside adverts from Google adsense or any other source.

This week, we are presenting a new project that puts the capabilities of CM Business Directory plugin into practice, for the first time. We call it ListWP.

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What is ListWP?

ListWP is a directory of businesses from all across the globe, which are directly related to WordPress. These may be companies that offer WordPress themes, plugins or development services, managed hosting companies that specialize in WordPress, and generally any business who’s core business is centered within the WordPress platform.
We have collected these listings from all across the web, starting with our social media networks, and primarily Twitter. We intend to continue growing the ListWP directory and become a one stop shop for anyone seeking for services within the WordPress community.

How ListWP Works

As with all of our plugins, we wanted to test things out before finally distributing it to our customers. This time, we wanted to create something special that will not only demonstrate the plugin capabilities, but will also be of use to everyone within the WordPress community. To initiate the business directory, we went out and located businesses which we found to be influential within the community. Next we entered each of these companies details, including their website address, their social accounts, RSS feeds, basic company information and their alexa rank.
We welcome these businesses to contact us via the ListWP website and request to edit their profiles. You can also approach us if you’re interested in adding your business to the directory, or if you want to advertise your business through the site’s ad space which is currently available for hire.
Businesses listed on the ListWP site will enjoy a growing number of daily views which we hope to expand with the help of our talented marketing team. Of course, things don’t happen overnight, and this is where you come in. If you happen to find your business listed on ListWP, go ahead and spread the word about it. Sharing your business listing will ultimately bring traffic to your own site and more traffic it gets, the more valuable these links will become for your business.

Want to Establish a Business Directory of Your Own?

Visit ListWP to get inspired by what the CM Business directory plugin can do, or watch this video to learn more:

Visit ListWP to check if your business is listed.
Not listed on ListWP? Think you should be? Contact Us!