Industry specific - 10 Thriving Businesses That Use Magento to Power Their Online Stores

Industry specific – 10 Thriving Businesses That Use Magento to Power Their Online Stores

It’s no surprise that Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce solution. Servicing more than 200,000 businesses worldwide, this robust open-source platform offers flexible, reliable, and scalable online stores for businesses of all sizes, needs, and budgets.

From household brand names to small businesses, across industries from apparel to food to education, companies who are serious about eCommerce business are turning to the Magento platform to power their online stores.

Let’s take a look at 10 businesses that are thriving online using the Magento eCommerce platform.

International Market


olympusSince 1919, the Japanese corporation Olympus has developed innovative technology solutions that contribute positively to society. Best known for its cameras, Olympus also manufactures and markets medical, industrial, and audio products. Olympus uses Magento to power its online store, which offers cross-selling solutions to match customers with the perfect accessories for the exact camera type.

Rosetta Stone

rosettaFounded in 1992, Rosetta Stone is renowned for pioneering an innovative, interactive software-approach to learning languages. Its technology-driven language, literacy, and brain-fitness solutions are used by millions of individuals and thousands of schools, businesses, and organizations around the world. As a company who has always been ahead of the curve, Rosetta Stone knew that it needed a robust, flexible, and reliable eCommerce platform to sustain its competitive edge. Rosetta Stone uses the Magento platform to cater to a variety of customer bases, including individuals, companies, and classrooms and offers products from mobile apps, online subscriptions, CDs, and downloadable files.

North American Market


shop bazaarHarper’s Bazaar, America’s first fashion magazine, has set a standard for the content-to-commerce market with their eCommerce store ShopBAZAAR. As a publishing business, Harper’s BAZAAR chose Magento to power their online store because it offered scalability, flexibility, and many attractive features for the content-to-commerce market including drop-shipping, configurable product listings, and promotion support. Further, the Magento platform allowed ShopBAZAAR to offer products from many different suppliers in one shopping cart. ShopBAZAAR provides a seamless shopping experience between viewing an item in the print or digital magazine and purchasing. Since upgrading to the Magento platform, traffic on the site increased dramatically. Many fashion enthusiasts can feel the satisfaction of this click to closet solution.


 GhirardelliGhirardelli is a household name for chocolate lovers. Established in 1852, the American company remains one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of premium chocolate products. In order to take advantage of the growing eCommerce market, Ghirardelli upgraded its online store to Magento in 2012. Magento offers Ghirardelli a robust and scalable eCommerce solution that provides flexibility, functionality, and numerous features and integration options. For Ghirardelli, it was important that their eCommerce platform have an easy to manage promotion system that could support its seasonally-driven market. Now, making changes and updates to the Ghirardelli online store is easy and customers enjoy an online shopping experience as smooth as Ghirardelli’s beloved chocolate products.

Red’s Gear

readgearOnline retailer Red’s Gear offers more than 15,000 high-quality outdoor sporting good products from over 500 top brands at competitive market prices. Red Gear’s increasing competitiveness positioned it well for a move from small business to eCommerce powerhouse. Magento’s feature-rich and scalable platform was the perfect solution for Red Gear’s growing needs. Their new online store allows for a smooth checkout process across multiple storefronts and devices and offers this small business the “look and functionality” of a larger corporation. Magento also provides Red Gear with smart and effective rewards, shopping cart, and gift card management solutions that enhance customer experience and promote customer loyalty while boosting profits.

E. C. Krauss

ec krausSince 1966, the family-owned business E.C. Kraus has shipped superior home wine making and home beer brewing supplies all over the United States. The shortcomings of their old eCommerce site included a lack of customization capability, inability to segment content for different customers, and inability to order multiple products without cumbersome navigation. As a company who values the human touch of the shopping experience, EC Kraus needed an eCommerce solution that provided a pleasant and enjoyable experience for their customers, old and new. The Magento platform proved the perfect fit for a fast and accurate order creation and shipment system. Some of the perks of the Magento platform include increased administrator capabilities, search criteria that make it easy for customers to pinpoint a specialty item, cross-sell and up-sell functionality, and an improved checkout process.

Heath Ceramics

heath ceramicsHealth Ceramics is a California based company that has designed, manufactured, and marketed tableware and tile sets for more than 60 years. The company’s creations can be seen in restaurants, homes and museums worldwide. Looking to expand its eCommerce business, Heath Ceramics turned to Magento to create a smart and effective online store. Heath Cermaics has benefited from powerful and limitless extension options. Importantly, their online store has created a customer experience online that compares to the quality and beauty of their products.

South Pacific Market


kidstuffEstablished in 1969, Kidstuff is an iconic Australian company that sells unique and prestigious toys, with a focus on educational and developmental toys. As a customer service-oriented company that values strong community connections, Kidstuff turned to Magento because it offers a user-friendly and pleasant customer interface that replicates the in-store experience. The robust and reliable platform that has allowed the company to maximize online revenue. Thinking about both short-term and long-term needs, Kidstuff chose a platform that integrates with their existing systems used in store locations, and also offers flexibility for the future of the eCommerce market. Kidstuff now enjoys increased traffic, customer engagement, and conversion rates.

Nike Australia

nikeBig brands like Nike, the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel with revenues over $20 billion, trust Magento as their eCommerce solution. Nike Australia, the South Pacific branch of the company, generates a significant part of Nike’s revenue and was the first Nike branch to use a cutting edge eCommerce approach that couples the Magento platform and facebook to allow customers to purchase products directly through facebook.

European Market

MacFarlane Packaging

macfarlaneMacfarlane Packaging is the largest distributor of packaging solutions in the United Kingdom, serving a variety of industry sectors. With a wide range of products and distribution centres throughout the UK, Macfarlane Packaging serves over 20,000 customers. The packaging company has excelled at the brick-and-mortar side of its business, but it needed a powerful eCommerce solution with an easier order solution and management system for both customers and administrators. Macfarlane’s Magento-powered site allows customer to easily navigate an extensive range of packaging products and services. Meanwhile, the streamlined backend management system fulfills the company’s need for effective operations.