Increase Conversion Rates With CM Customer Review Extension

Increase Conversion Rates With CM Customer Review Extension

CreativeMinds is proud to be the developer of another great extension for Magento®, called the CM Customer Review Extension.

Ultimately aimed to encourage customers to leave reviews, this extension will help increase responsiveness by offering them a special coupon code that is activated upon approval of their customer review.

Reviews are well known for their power to increase conversion rates and generate sales, as they make both your product and service far more reliable. Customers tend to trust the opinions of other customers, making positive reviews an important marketing tool.

The challenge is getting customers to leave their product review in the first place. CreativeMinds has the answer!

Customer Review Incentives

Our customer review extension will automatically send feedback request emails to anyone who has made a purchase in your Magento store. Feedback requests include a special coupon code which will only be activated after their feedback is submitted and approved by the store admin. This lets admin control which reviews warrant receiving the incentive.

You can define how long you want to wait after sending a review request email, and what discount percentage you want to offer in exchange for the review.

customer review coupon extension for Magento - Customer Review Incentives - Increase Conversion Rates With CM Customer Review Extension

You can edit the email template using shortcodes that will display the customer’s name, address, and other personalized data

Alternatively, you can set up a custom product review incentive campaign and define which customers you want to send feedback requests to. This can be sorted by the product or product category, customer’s geo-location or manually selected users.

You can also just apply the notification to anyone who has ever made a purchase, but has not yet left a review. This can encourage previous customers to come back to your store. You can also customize the coupon code at any given time and create a number of different offers for each or your product review incentive campaigns.

Clever Notifications System

Clever Notifications System - Increase Conversion Rates With CM Customer Review Extension

Unlike the default Magento product review widget, CM product review will notify you as soon as a customer review is submitted. You will then be able to approve feedback for publication on the product page, and your customers will be able to use their coupon code on the next purchase they make on your store.

In-Depth Reports

Like other CM extensions for Magento®, you will receive regular reports with statistic information on how well your review incentives are doing, so that you can modify your product review incentives and campaign parameters in a way that best suits your needs.

Once you’ve collected a number of good customer reviews per each product, you will begin to experience the rise in conversion rate and increase your sales!

Watch the Video Tutorial

product review magento extension tutorial video

Learn how to increase customer’s incentive to leave product reviews on your Magento store, using our latest development: The Product Review Magento Extension by CreativeMinds!

This video tutorial will teach you:

  • How to create the email template that will be sent to your customers when their product review is approved
  • How to add fields to the email template using the review extension’s shortcodes
  • How to define the discount rate on your coupon code
  • How to view and approve received product reviews
  • How to view sent notifications and track usage of your coupon codes
Video Product Review - Tutorial - Increase Conversion Rates With CM Customer Review Extension

Give Coupons for Product Reviews with the Magento® Review Reminder Extension from cmplugins on Vimeo.

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