How To Sell And Track Your Video Courses Online

How To Sell And Track Your Video Courses Online

Preparing and marketing your e-learning course material using Video lessons is a common practice these days, and its becoming more and more popular as bloggers realize that their knowledge is worth a lot of money.

The difficult part is how to create the right infrastructure to support an e-learning environment that is organized, stable, and traceable? Our new Plugin CM Video Lessons Manager will help you pack all of your video lessons into an easy to use E learning environment where different lessons are grouped into courses.

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This will enable your students to navigate through each of your courses and lessons, sign up and get enrolled. You’ll also be able to set a price for watching the video course material using a payment system such as PayPal or other commonly used payment processors.

Once a user has enrolled to one of your online courses, you’ll be able to track their progress using the plugin’s log & statistics module.

video lessons E learning webinar management plugin for WordPress

Organizing Your Online Courses

Organizing your courses is easy. The plugin works with Vimeo Pro accounts using the private channels feature, which can only be accessed when using a private key. This will keep the videos available only to your website, using your private key.

To make your Vimeo account channels available on your WordPress site, all you have to do is enter your Vimeo private key In the plugin settings. When you’re done updating the plugin settings, all of your Vimeo account channels will be available.

Plugin Taxonomies

The plugin has two taxonomy levels. One is channels and the other is categories. You can assign several channels into one category to create a course structure. For example, a category can be a general topic and each channel can be a lesson within that topic.

Alternatively, a channel can be a course, and a category can be the “faculty” or “university” in which the course is taught. Each channel may contain one or more videos.

Video Lessons Manager E Learning Channel Settings

Video Lessons Manager Channel Settings

Students E Learning Environment

Videos can be restricted to logged-in users only. This will enable more options and more control over user actions, as some of the plugin’s functions are only available to logged-in users. Students will be able to search for videos according to their title or description, create bookmarks of videos they have watched, add notes to videos they have watched and track their progress.

The progress report contains the total amount of time they have spent watching the videos, and goes down to the resolution of a single video! This will help students estimate how well they have utilized their registration and how much they have progressed with the course material.

Video Lessons Manager Frontend Statistics

Video Lessons Manager Frontend Statistics

Administrator Dashboard

The Administrator can view all student reports, both as individuals and in groups. The report contains the same information that is available to the students, and provide statistics on the overall course engagement with info such as number of videos watched, amount of time each video was watched by users and more.

Video Lessons E Learning Manager Admin Statistics

Video Lessons Manager Admin Statistics

Payment Options

The administrator can define a price that would be paid per each channel and the interval it covers. For example, the admin can define the amount of $10 for watching the videos on the channel during a two weeks time. Implementing this functionality requires the use of CM Micropayments plugins, a virtual digital wallet that simplifies the usage of in-store currency. CM Micropayment comes with a built-in PayPal payment gateway and can also be integrated with Easy Digital Downloads, which expands it’s payment options even further with more then 40 different payment gateways.

How It Works

When entering the course page, students will be asked to pay for watching the course material. Payment options will also include the ability to choose between different lengths of time for which they wish to be enrolled. Once they have made their payment, access to the course material will become available for the specified period of time.

Video Lessons Manager Payment Option

Video Lessons Manager Payment Option