How to Increase Conversions by 30% With the Findify Product Search Extension for Magento

How to Increase Conversions by 30% With the Findify Product Search Extension for Magento

The Findify product search extension for Magento offers some major improvements to any standard search bar out there.

Particularly designed for eCommerce platforms on all devices, this clever little Magento extension has a proven track record of increasing conversion rates by 30% on average!

How does the Findify product search extension work?

Thanks to its extraordinary ability to process virtually any sort of query and connect it with existing products on your store catalog, it is very rare for a customer to get to the no-results page. Instead, they will have their queries auto-completed as they type, allowing them to choose the best option from a drop-down menu, or view several results at once. The auto-complete feature has been programmed for error tolerance and spelling correction, so that even when typed wrong, the Findify Advanced Search Bar will still recognize queries and suggest relevant results in return.

Sorting and Filtering Results

Once results appear on the page, customer is able to narrow them down using relevant and automated filters, such as price, size, color, brand etc. Using the BreadCrumbs navigation, they will always find their way back to the main results page. If in any case, a customer finds himself at the no-results page, they will see a page which is admin-customized- containing promotions, links, or whatever else you decide to put up there!

Search Analytics and Results Management

Findify has built-in Machine-learning algorithms that can study your audience in accordance to what they search. Use Findify analytics to monitor and anticipate customers՚ search behavior to gain a comprehensive understanding of how your site can convert more through your search. For example, with a simple drag and drop feature, you can control search results for specified queries, and promote specific products to appear higher on the results page. You can also add a custom results page to maximize your profits based on the Findify analytics.

Get it Now and Enjoy Increased conversions

Thanks to a great emphasis on user experience on both desktop and mobile, we are proud to present some very satisfying results! On average, the Findify search solution brings an increase in conversion of 30% and an increase in total revenue of 20%!