Glossary Solution

Simple and easy tailored solution to create a glossary knowledge base

Host a multimedia directory of definitions where users can discuss and collaborate

The Glossary WordPress solution includes tailored-made index and term pages with custom fields and moderation support, installation and design assistance


How Can a Glossary Solution Help
My Organization or Community

A Glossary Solution is a complete knowledge base and information hub.

  • Generate a glossary with terms that are also shown via tooltips on mouse hover. Fully control how the tooltip looks and what it shows.
  • Add images, videos, custom fields and related links to unique term pages, boosting SEO.
  • Register users and let them discuss and suggest definitions on each term page. Moderate all submissions before publishing.
  • Allow definitions in different languages to create the ultimate dictionary.


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Community Wiki

Create a wiki detailing a topic in multiple neatly connected pages

Register users with different permissions and allow them to discuss and suggest each definition

Add images, videos and custom fields to term pages

Show beautiful tooltips on mouse hover

The Glossary Solution is perfect for niche communities

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Multilingual Dictionary

Add multiple definitions for each term

Display images, videos and comments across all pages

Show a fully customizable tooltip when visitors view important terms across the site

Apply categories such as “noun”, “technical” or “slang”

Perfect for education institutions and researchers.

What Should I Expect From This Offer?

The Glossary Solution offers you the complete package.

  • We contact you to learn about your requirements, install and configure the solution on your server and provide support during the whole process.
  • The basic package grants you a site with tailor-made glossary and term pages, a registration module and forums on each term page.
  • The tooltip is fully customizable: choose how it looks and what it shows.
  • You can choose to moderate user suggestions or apply them automatically.
  • If you have extra requests, we work on the most cost-effective way to implement them.

Process: How We Match Our Glossary Solution To Your Needs

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Call About Requirements

We have an in-depth conversation about your needs and turn them into a plan

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Developing Missing Components

We adjust our solution and add any missing functionality to match your requirements

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Selecting the Tools

We choose from our wide range of existing plugins and proprietary modules

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We test our package to make sure it matches the initial requirements

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We agree on an implementation plan with clear milestones

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We install our solution on the target server and in a testing environment if needed

Glossary Solution Out-of-the-box Functionality

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Installation and Configuration

Install and configure our solution on your target servers

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Customizable Tooltips

Show beautiful tooltips on mouse hover

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Discussion Forum

Let users post questions and vote in multiple forums

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Flexible Glossary Page

Tailor-made index glossary page

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WPML Multilanguage

Add multiple definitions via the WPML plugin

Application Design

We assist with implementing a new professional design on the section dedicated to the library

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Unique Term Pages

Add images, videos, links and footnotes to each term page

Register User icon - Article Library Solution - CreativeMinds

Register Users

Register users via a customizable and beautiful form

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Training Session

If you feel overwhelmed, we can have a single one-on-one session to show you the ropes

Glossary Solution Costs

Glossary Solution Configuration and Installation

Turnkey Solution
Buildup, Configuration and Installation
  • Requirements analysis session
  • Fully customizable index and term pages
  • Unique term pages with multimedia content
  • Tooltip showing exactly what you want
  • Custom fields based on your needs
  • WPML integration for multiple languages support
  • Discussion forum for each term
  • Users can register and suggest
  • Moderate every user suggestion
  • Member templates design and adjustments
  • Up to 10 hours of additional development
  • All required CM plugins and addons license
  • Installation and configuration support
  • Online training session
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Our Solution Includes the Following
WordPress Plugins With All Their Add-ons

Tooltip Glossary

Build a dictionary, encyclopedia and wiki with pop-up tooltips

Answers Forum

Build a community discussion forum where users can interact


Manage invitations and add a customizable user registration pop-up

Content Restriction

Restrict content access by user and user role on WordPress sites

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