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Over the years, CreativeMinds has provided WordPress plugins and Magento extensions to many people from across the world. From big businesses to enthusiastic entrepreneurs, every customer has a story worth sharing.

Here, we show feedback that some of our customers kindly shared with us. If you would also like to talk about your experience working with us, please get in touch.

Domyo and Sukha

Domyo and Sukha

I chose Tooltip Glossary because it gave me considerable control over how tooltips appear on my website, and because it included the option for a beautiful index page.”

“I’m delighted with the results because my readers can quickly and easily access definitions as they go, without disrupting their reading.”

Domyo Burk uses Tooltip Glossary on ZenStudiesPodcast

Read her story: “Zen-sational”: She Uses a WordPress Plugin to Teach Buddhism.

Nathaniel Parker

Nathaniel Parker

CM’s Email Blacklist was the most robust solution out of all of them [in the market], so that’s the one I chose.”

“It’s a ‘world of difference’ fewer spammers than we had before installing the plugin.”

Nathaniel Parker uses Email Blacklist on WeatherQuack

Read his story: Weather Forecast: Cool WordPress Managing With no Chance of Spam Signups.

Harald Borjans, creator of the Online Academy for Communication

Harald Borjans

“Before, I could only find the information on other websites. Now the information is in my hands.

“It’s a beautiful plugin. Especially when you have the Pro version, the layout gets a boost.”

Harald Borjans has Tooltip Glossary on People and Communication

Read his story: “The Information Is Now In My Hands”: How Tooltip Glossary Helps His Courses.

Dragana Amarilis

Self-portrait of Dragana Amarilis

Fantastic plugin, not only for creating dictionary also for managing any kind of web content.”

“My advice is: test the free version, but do not wait too long before getting the Tooltip Glossary Pro.”

Dragana Amarilis uses Tooltip Glossary on her Serbian Online Glossary

Read her story: Creating a Language Glossary for Millennials… with a WordPress Plugin.

Sean Makin

Sean Makin

“The CM Map Routes Manager was the perfect fit when it came to sharing walking routes.”

“It ticked all the boxes and it had a number of excellent extra features as well. The plugin manages each of these tasks with ease and more such as search listings, filtering of categories and much more.”

Sean Makin uses Routes Manager on Walk Fife

Read his story: How Routes Manager Helps Him Building a Hiker Community in Scotland.

Cara Biasucci, creator and director of Ethics Unwrapped

Cara Biasucci

Tooltip Glossary has helped us deliver and link content within the site in a way that is user-friendly.”

The Ethics Unwrapped website has an average of 40,000 users monthly.

Cara Biasucci uses Tooltip Glossary on the Ethics Unwraped project

Read her story: How Tooltips Glossary Helps to Make Ethics a Fun Subject.

Tooltip Glossary Dani Amsalem

Dani Amsalem

I couldn’t have done it without Tooltip Glossary.

“I pretty much tried all the top rated and the newest glossary plugins. I also contacted the developers to understand if their product would fit my need. Several sources were saying positive things about Tooltip Glossary so in the end it was a no-brainer

Dani Amsalem uses the ToolTip Glossary Plugin on a glossary about cryptocurrency

Read his story: He Used Tooltip Glossary to Build a Successful Cryptocurrency Manual

Mascot of Swords & Stationery

MicroPayments is the plugin to get if you want a no-hassle wallet/virtual currency system that’s super easy to customize. Also, support is fantastic.”

“It’s not just a pragmatic solution to providing customers with store credit, but a very appealing one too. And it’s just so easy to use. You can change the name of the currency, even the name of the virtual wallet!”

Shaun Low uses MicroPayments on his school’s webstore

Read his story: He Used MicroPayments To Create a Friendly Virtual Wallet For His Special School

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Daniel Bolbot, owner of the Ecommerce skintrends

Daniel Bolbot, owner of the Ecommerce skintrends

“The guys at CreativeMinds are experts and enthusiastic hard workers. They are not only determined to complete the job but also to do it in an efficient way. I know, because I worked with professionals with less ability and learned the lesson.”

Daniel Botbol hires CreativeMinds for support on Skintrends

Read his story: From Sleepy to Reliable Magento Support: How SkinTrends Boost Sales.

Asi Erenberg, CEO of

Asi Erenberg, CEO of CorporateGift

“I used CreativeMinds Marketplace Extension for Magento® to build our multi vendor store, the extension works perfectly and the support and communication was really amazing, highly recommended!”

Asi Erenberg uses Magento Marketplace on
Magento personalization services

Stephanie and Travis Sitzlar

It’s been fantastic, unbelievable across all fronts. Not only for delivering according to our requirements, but also on occasion spotting some requirement or consequence of a change that we missed during our own scoping and prototyping.”

We’ve enjoyed working with CreativeMinds so much, that we are already looking forward to our next crazy project just so we can continue with them”

Stephanie and Travis Sitzlar use the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension on the eCommerce Intellam

Read his story: How Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace Helped Him Reach “A New Level of Personalization”.

“Just a quick note to say your live chat was excellent today with my pre-sales questions over your download manager product and we will be going ‘pro’ tomorrow. Your online documentation is excellent too – gives me the confidence to move forward with you. Well done.”

Andrew Skipper

“Questions were answered quickly and to the point. this was a pre-sales question and was the reason why I ended up purchasing.”

Daren Dhoray

“The chat support gave me great answers to my many questions. So, without being uneasy, I could ask all that I wanted to know. And I made up my mind to purchase your great products! Thanks!”

Collin Suh

“ I was completely satisfied with the answers to the questions I had. The operator also clearly understood what I wanted from him and answered respectfully and competently.”


“Pre-sales support staff was really helpful and friendly. Clarified all of my questions. Thanks so much for the assistance!”

Shaun Low, from Swords & Stationery

“I needed a little something extra from the folks at Creative Minds and they went above & beyond to assist me. Highly recommend Creative Mind’s products!”

Bob Banach, from Ocean City Cool

“Response was quick, and action taken worked immediately”

Jordan Porter

“Prompt response, and a clear and concise answer to my question.”

A Peckham

“John responded me to my ticket super quick! He explained the reasons and gave me the link of the video which was easy to follow. I had the great experience! thank you!.”

Junko V. Igarashi

“Hi, Im very grateful for everything, very high quality relation with users. keep it up.”

Vladimir Perez

“Fast, friendly and clear to the point and even with reference through a link. Very nice indeed :-)”


“Superb support. I had an issue with the software which was resolved with an interim plugin update on the same day. These guys are quick to respond and put things right. Highly recommended.”

Phil Agate

“Thank you for the amazingly fast turnaround with this assistance.”

Circe Le Compte

“I received support from Ramesh. Amazing guy, he provided an outstanding support, for several days, to solve a complicated compatibility issue I had on my website. Thanks to him for his effort and to all CM team for CM Routes + Locations plugins!”

Cristiano Giuggioli

“You resolved my last little issue quickly and professionally – the support has been tremendous. Thank you very, very much! You guys are the best :)”

Teresa M Youngi

“John is amazing! He is patient with my questions and always responds in a prompt manner!!”

William Winfield

“I am very satisfied with CM Tooltip Glossary Pro as it is very user-friendly. For the first time I have now taken the support of CM and was totally thrilled. Although I addressed my request to CM this weekend, my problem was resolved the same day. Great service and a big thank you to John!!”

Bernd Terwerth

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