Improve the looks of your WordPress tooltip with the CM Tooltip Glossary Skins Add-On

David Rashty,

WordPress Tooltip Glossary Skins is an add-on that lets you change the Tooltip shape, color, opacity and much more, to fit with your theme design and appear stylish. It works with every edition of the CM Toolip Glossary plugin, including the Free Version.

The best feature of this add-on is the ability to customize the tooltip’s look & feel to make it more engaging to visitors.

Plugin ScreenShots

WordPress Tooltip Dark Skin

Tooltip Dark Skin

WordPress Tooltip Standart Skin

Tooltip Standart Skin

WordPress Tooltip Glass Skin

Tooltip Glass Skin

WordPress Tooltip Alert Skin

Tooltip Alert Skin

WordPress Tooltip Pastel Skin

Tooltip Pastel Skin

Tooltip Cloudy Skin

Tooltip Cloudy Skin

Settings for the WordPress Tooltip Skins

Settings for the Tooltip Skins

There are several customization options with the Tooltip Glossary Skins add-on, these include: background color, text color, padding, font color, font size, font type, and tooltip border properties including radius control, opacity, stem length and tooltip positioning.

The plugin also comes with 6 different pre-defined skins which can be further customized by adjusting the settings described above.

The WordPress Tooltip Glossary Skins add-on is an extension pack that works with all editions of the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin, this includes the Free Edition