Improve WordPress tooltip statistics with the Glossary Log & Statistics Add-On

David Rashty,

The Glossary Logs & Statistics addon let’s you collect all the WordPress tooltip statistics required to analyze usage and make the most out of your glossary. It helps monitor user flow and better understand how your visitors are interacting with your CM Tooltip Glossary data. This WordPress tooltip statistics add-on also comes with an API that translates the user’s Geo-Location into a country name. And the best thing about it is that it works with every edition of the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin, including the Free Version!

Our WordPress Tooltip statistics addon is an important tool for content targeting and marketing, as well as for understanding how much your glossary is being used.

The events that are logged with this add-on extension are:

  • Clicks for term page links from any page or post
  • Clicks on the related terms link from any page or post
  • Tooltip impressions due to hover-over of the cursor on a term link
  • Clicks for internal links within the tooltip

The basic log of this CM Tooltip Glossary add-on include the following information:

Log file grid-WordPress tooltip statistics

Log file grid

The following graphs show the ways that all the events which relate to the CM Tooltip are logged and sorted according to defined periods of time.

Graph showing All events logged- WordPress tooltip statistics

Graph showing All events logged

The Glossary Logs & Statistics add-on works with all editions of the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin, including even the Free Edition