CM Tooltip Glossary Changelog


Version 4.2.8 26th May 2023

  • Replaced the option “Avoid parsing protected tags” with “Exclude HTML tags from parsing”

Version 4.2.7 18th May 2023

  • Fixed the plugin not highlighting terms on the Astra theme

Version 4.2.5 29th April 2023

  • Added option to fix the endless loop error on the Glossary Index page

Version 4.2.4 23rd April 2023

  • Fixed issues with the Glossary Index when the alphabetic index is missing
  • Removed the legacy set_timeout code from the main file

Version 4.2.2 15th March 2023

  • Bug: Small bugfixes
  • Improvement: Improved the performance of the Glossary Index, rewritten the caching system to speed up the sorting

Version 4.2.0 25th Feb 2023

  • (ONLY IN Ecommerce version!) New Feature: ChatGPT integration
  • Improvement: Changed the way synonyms/variants/abbreviations are working internally
  • Improvement: Performance related code tweaks (for Glossary Index mostly)
  • Improvement: Editlink in toolitp now opens in the new tab
  • Bug: Fixed the bug that stopped the synonyms from being parsed in correct order
  • Bug: Fixed the bug that caused synonyms to appear in the wrong letter (same as the base term)
  • Bug: Fixed the warning about the “forceHighlight” variable not being defined
  • Bug: Fixed the bug with the underline styles of the parsed terms
  • Bug: Fixed some deprecated warnings for PHP 8.2

Version 4.1.6 29th Dec 2022

  • Bug: Fixed the warning about the “forceHighlight” variable not being defined
  • Bug: Fixed the bug with the underline styles of the parsed terms

Version 4.1.5 20th Dec 2022

Version 4.1.4 9th Nov 2022

  • Updated support related links

Version 4.1.3 31st Oct 2022

  • Bug: Fixed the issue with tooltips not being closed on mouse out

Version 4.1.2 21st Oct 2022

  • Bug: Fixed fatal error

Version 4.1.1 21st Oct 2022

  • Bug: Fixed the positioning of the tooltip on the keyboard focus
  • General bugfixes

Version 4.1.0 6th Sep 2022

  • Security fix

Version 4.0.10 22nd May 2022

  • Bug fix and compatibility to WP 6

Version 4.0.5 29th Jan 2022

  • Fixed bugs
  • Improved the builders compatibility (Oxygen builder, Elementor)

Version 3.9.21 31st Aug 2021

  • Fixed the issue with the missing aria-label
  • Fixed the missing esc for attributes in shortcode

Version 3.9.20 26th July 2021

  • Fixed the bug in the comment count
  • Fixed the bug in settings

Version 3.9.19 13th July 2021

  • Re-added the option to distinguish between case sensitive/case insensitive term search
  • Fixed the issue with the text widgets parsing
  • Fixed the PHP 8.0.0 bug

Version 3.9.18 9th July 2021

  • Fixed the bug in AMP class
  • Added the option to hide from search results

Version 3.9.17 25th June 2021

  • improved WCAG compliance
  • fixed the package issue
  • fixed the delay when showing tooltips

Version 3.9.16 21st June 2021

  • Added the default class for tooltip “cmtt” + filter “cmtt_tt_class”
  • Fixed the closing tooltips on mobile when script is minified

Version 3.9.15 18th June 2021

  • Fixed the bug with the tooltips not closed on the mobile
  • Fixed the conflict with Footnotes

Version 3.9.14 14th June 2021-

  • Fix the default value for the options

Version 3.9.13 12th June 2021-

  • re added the options which were accidentally removed

Version 3.9.12 10th June 2021-

  • Rebuilt of the Free plugin based on Premium version

Version 3.7.2 18th July 2020-

  • Checked compatibility with PHP 7.4 and WordPress 5.4.2
  • Added compatibility with Guttenberg

Version 3.7.0 18th Jan 2019

  • Updated the plugin package
  • Support PHP 7.2
  • Added the support for translating the plugin (wrapped two only labels with __() function

Version 3.6.6 27th Sep 2018

  • Disabled the “PoweredBy” link by default
  • Added the frontend setting for “Author attribution” in General Settings
  • Fixed small layout issue in the Settings

Version 3.6.4 22nd May 2018

  • Fix for the GDPR support

Version 3.6.3 18th May 2018

  • Support for GDPR on registration and activation

Version 3.6.1 23rd March 2018

  • Update user guide section

Version 3.6.0 11th March 2018

  • Update user guide section

Version 3.5.9 23rd January 2018

  • Fixed issues with set_time_limit() and headers_already_sent
  • Fixed PHP Notices

Version 3.5.2 13th March 2017

  • Further improved the PHP 7.0 compatibility

Version 3.4.2 15th Nov 2016

  • Added the small fix for the ACF
  • Added the small fix for the set_time_limit problem

Version 3.4.1 18th Oct 2016

  • Fixed the warnings and compatibility problem with PHP 7

Version 3.4.0 29th Sep 2016

  • Added the option to choose the width of the titles in the tiles view

Version 3.3.9 28th July 2016

  • Fixed the problem with the single quote

Version 3.3.7 21st June 2016

  • Changed the capability of Settings from “edit_posts” to “manage_options”

Version 3.3.5 19th April 2016

3.3.4 Build 4th April 2016

    • fixed the BuddyPress avatar crop bug.

    3.3.1-2 Build 18th March 2016

      • Changed the data attribute tooltips base on
      • Fixed bug in 3.3.1 and released 3.3.2

      3.2.10 Build 18th Feb 2016

      • Add option to remove Powered by.
      • fix php warning message .

      3.2.9 Build 14th Feb 2016

      • Changes WordPress version compatibility .
      • Made changes in Admin interface.

      Version 3.2.6 Build 20th Nov 2015

      • Fixed the mb_stringtolower
      • Fixed the bug with the link in the notice

      Version 3.2.5 Build 19th Nov 2015

      • Ensured the WordPress 4.4 compatibility

      Version 3.2.2 Build 03rd Nov 2015

      • Changed admin ui
      • Fixed BuddyPress conflict
      • Removed the parsing of the script blocks
      • Removed the parsing of the textareas

      Version 3.1.9 Build 21st July 2015

      • Fixed the bug with terms consisting of just numbers being incorrectly highlighted

      Version 3.1.5 Build 14th May 2015

      • Added some security updates
      • Fixed the bug which stopped the terms from being highlighted on glossary pages

      Version 3.1.4 Build 22nd Apr 2015

      • Fixed the XSS vulnerability in WordPress add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() functions

      Version 3.1.3 Build 14th Apr 2015

      • Fixed the support for the apostrophes in the Glossary Terms

      Version 3.1.1 Build 18th Mar 2015

      • Change admin menu links structure

      Version 3.1.0 Build 2nd Mar 2015

      • Changes in plugin settings structure

      Version 3.0.6 Build 10th Feb 2015

      • Fixed some small bugs, small code improvements

      Version 3.0.5 Build 30th Jan 2015

      • Improved i18n by wrapping some missing texts in __()

      Version 3.0.4 Build 26th Jan 2015

      • Fixed the bug with the terms not being highlighted for some users

      Version 3.0.2 Build 15th Jan 2015

      • Improved the way tooltip position is calculated – the tooltips should take into account the boundaries of the viewport

      Version 3.0.1 Build 13th Jan 2015

      • Fixed the typo in “Cleanup Database” button

      Version 3.0.0 Build 8th Jan 2015

      • Improved the performance of the Glossary Index page
      • Fixed many bugs/potential bugs
      • Improved security by fixing potential XSS vulnerabilities

      Version 2.8.7 Build 22th Dec 2014

      • Fixed the problem with saving the Settings
      • Added the option to add the backlink from the Glossary Term Pages to Glossary Index Page

      Version 2.8.6 Build 20th Dec 2014

      • Tested compatibility with WordPress 4.1
      • General bugfixing

      Version 2.8.1 Build 26th Aug 2014

      • Fix conflict with JetPack

      Version 2.8.0 Build 13th Aug 2014

      • Added the button on the Settings page allowing to Cleanup the database (erase all the data plugin has saved in the DB)
      • Improved the information about the conflict solving settings on the General Settings page

      Version 2.7.7 Build 26th July 2014

      • Combined the scripts to optimize loading times
      • WARNING! Due to the performance issues on big glossaries, we’ve decided to disable for the terms to have parent

      Version 2.7.6 10th July 2014

      • Fixed php warning
      • Fixed conflict with SEO plugin

      Version 2.7.5 2nd July 2014

      • Added sharing box

      Version 2.7.4 16th June 2014

      • Fixed small html bugs

      Version 2.7.3 2nd June 2014

      • Added Support to Community Extension

      Version 2.7.2 14th May 2014

      • Added Support to accommodate Add-Ons

      Version 2.6.9

      • Fixed the “parse_error” bug in PHP versions <5.3
      • Limited the maximum number of terms displayed on the Glossary Index Page to 500 (to limit the memory usage)

      Version 2.6.8

      • Added setting to run the function displaying the Glossary Index only once
      • Improved the option saving
      • Fixed some PHP notices
      • Fixed the problem with saving the “-None-” Glossary Index Page option
      • Updated the explanation of how the Glossary Index Page is created

      Version 2.6.7

      • Added the menu icon
      • Added setting to disable highlighting only on the “main” WP_Query

      Version 2.6.6

      • Fixed the unclosed div bug
      • Fixed the title of the Glossary Index Page when there’s permalink conflict
      • Displaying “Glossary Index Page ID” settings in separate line
      • Fixed the setting “Avoid parsing protected tags?”

      Version 2.6.5

      • Changed the “Glossary Index Page ID” input from textbox to select
      • Updated the descriptions of “Glossary Index Page ID” and “Glossary Index Page Permalink”
      • Added option to generate the “Glossary Index Page”
      • Added new column in “System Information” with information if the setting is OK

      Version 2.6.4

      • Fixed the bug with ‘persistent’ tooltip

      Version 2.6.3

      • Fixed the bug with Permalinks not being changed on Settings save

      Version 2.6.2

      • Fixed the bug which disabled the Woocommerce support after save
      • Fixed saving the settings

      Version 2.6.1

      • Fixed bugs
      • Added warning message about missing “mbstring” library
      • Added [All] and [0-9] elements to the nav list

      Version 2.6.0

      • Completely redesigned the settings page
      • Refreshed tooltip looks
      • Changed the names of the options

      Version 2.5.2

      • Added the “mbstring” check to the System Information tab
      • Fixed the conflict with “NextGen Gallery”
      • Fixed the bug with “&” character in synonyms

      Version 2.5.0

      • Fixed the conditions in “the_content” filters

      Version 2.4.10

      • Added the support for BuddyPress (custom type for filter: “bp_blogs_record_comment_post_types”)
      • Added “Edit Glossary Item” to the admin bar
      • Fixed the tooltip positioning
      • Added the link to the “Trash” (for trashed glossary terms)

      Version 2.4.7

      • Update the user guide link

      Version 2.4.6

      • Fixed notifications appearing on some plugin installations
      • Fixed the style for the tiles when removed links to glossary pages

      Version 2.4.1

      • Fixed a PHP bug which happened when post_title was empty

      Version 2.3.1

      • Added link in setting to glossary index location

      Version 2.3

      • Updated plugin site links and about pages

      Version 2.2.4

      • Fixed bug with replacing single quotes with backticks
      • tested with WP 3.5.2
      • Fixed slashes before single quotes in tooltip content

      Version 2.2.3

      • Added user guide

      Version 2.2.2

      • Fixed special characters (e.g. umlauts) parsing

      Version 2.1

      • Added revisions to glossary term

      Version 2.0.7

      • Added right single quotation mark to normalization

      Version 2.0.5

      • Content normalized regarding special characters like single quote and ampersand, which were encoded differently based on environment, editor and other factors.

      Version 2.0.4

      • Fixed problem with (*UTF8) flag not being recognized on all PHP environments
      • Added one-time admin notice about PRO version

      Version 2.0.3

      • Fixed problem with html entities in glossary term name (ampersand, apostrophe, etc.)

      Version 2.0.2

      • Install bug fix and add comments to glossary

      Version 2.0

      • Minor fix in styling
      • Allow users with “edit_posts” capability to add/edit glossary terms
      • Added “/u” (UTF8) flag to regex to force UTF8 encoding
      • Glossary main page is now automatically created upon activation if not exists

      Version 1.6

      • Added “open glossary description in new window/tab” option to settings panel
      • Added onclick event on tooltip, so if you using touch device, you just need to click on the tooltip to hide it.
      • Changed parsing mechanism
      • Added backlink

      Version 1.5

      • Added “case-sensitive” option to settings panel
      • Fixed bug when slash character inside glossary term was causing problems
      • Added default z-index:100 to tooltip CSS

      Version 1.4

      • Fixed bug when multiline tooltips were not displayed correctly on Glossary List
      • Fixed bug when glossary list was displayed in the bottom of all pages/posts when Glossary Page ID was not set in Settings
      • Terms that are substrings of current glossary item are not highlighted now on glossary definition page
      • Fixed bug when term with brackets inside was not highlighted
      • Added “Published/Trash” filter for glossary terms

      Version 1.3.1

      • Bug fix with escaped single qoutations

      Version 1.3

      • Reorganize admin menu
      • Added ‘with_front’=false for rewrite item

      Version 1.3


      • Added alphabetical letter index for glossary list
      • Added option to style glossary list as tiles instead of regular list
      • Do not show glossary explanation tooltip when on its explanation page
      • Do not show glossary_exclude tag in tooltips
      • Fix bug when excluded tags were embedded into other excluded tags
      • Fix bug when glossary terms were substrings of other glossary terms and only the shortest was caught (Thanks to Torsten Keil)
      • Fix bug when HTML code in tooltip content causes page to break
      • Thanks for Paul Ryan ( for his code contribution and Sebastian Palus for his addition and bug fixes

      Version 1.1

      • Add A tag to the list of tags to ignore (Thanks to Robert Gilman)
      • Change activation mechanism (Thanks to Robert Gilman)
      • Fix bug when using excerpt (Thanks to Robert Gilman)

      Version 1.0

      • First release nased on revised version on TooltipGlossary
      • Optimized code and bug fix from TooltipGlossary
      • Added glossary_exclude text /glossary_exclude
      • Added filters to clean tooltip text
      • Avoid changing URL using this format: href=’url’ in adition to href=””
      • Add extended functionality including excluding H1, H2, H3, Script, Object tags
      • Use the excerpt (if it exists) as hover text.
      • Remove term link to the glossary page
      • Limits for tooltip length
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