CreativeMinds WordPress Video Library

Rashty David,

We have created the CM Plugins WordPress Video Library, which contains a number of highly coherent Video tutorials that explain how to use each of our WordPress products.

Browse the videos below to learn how to install, setup and utilize all the great features that our WP plugins and AddOns have to offer.

    How to improve your SEO with tooltip-generated internal links - a WordPress plugin tutorial

    The CM Tooltip is a plug-in for WordPress enables you to create hundreds of term pages that are later parsed throughout your site's pages to display tooltips with term definitions, videos, audio, images, and much much more. In addition, the CM tooltip plugin generates an index page that contains the definitions of the words used, synonyms and definitions from the Merriam-Webster dictionary or Wikipedia encyclopedia. When enabled, the plugin displays an infotip that contains the definition of the highlighted word or phrase when the cursor hovers over the text.

      New! WordPress Video Tutorials Plugin by CreativeMinds

      The CM Video Tutorial plugin for WordPress includes a library of video tutorials demonstrating how to use CM Plugins with in depth explanation of the different plugins' functionality and features. This includes tutorials for CM Answers, CM Tooltip Glossary, CM Download Manager, CM Ad-Changer, CM OnBoarding and many more plugins made by CM Plugins.

      After installing the plugin, the video tutorials are shown in the Admin Panel and the user is able to select the videos by categories. The plugin does not require any configuration or additional add-ons.

      More info and free download on: