M2 True Edit Orders Plugin Changelog

Extension Version 1.3.7 6th Oct 2022

  • Fixed issue with removing the item with options from an order
  • Extension Version 1.3.6 26th July 2022

    • Add PHP8+ and Magento 2.4.4 support

    Extension Version 1.3.5 14th June 2022

    • Fix issue with disabled Reservations

    Extension Version 1.3.3 5th June 2022

    • Add composer compatibility with php8.*

    Extension Version 1.3.2 22nd May 2022

    • Add prefixed tables support

    Extension Version 1.3.1 10th March 2022

    • Fix issue with editing non managed stock products

    Extension Version 1.3.0 2nd Jan 2022

    • Remove Temando dependency
    • Minor bugfixes

    Extension Version 1.2.11 4th Nov 2021

    • Add PHP 7.4 support
    • Minor bugfixes

    Extension Version 1.2.10 24th Feb 2021

    • Fix bug with configurable stock
    • Fix stock problem for simple products inside configurable
    • Add totals recollection after shipping amount edit

    Extension Version 1.2.7 15th Feb 2021

    • Full MSI support added

    Extension Version 1.2.1 20TH Sep 2020

    • Add feature to update order totals

    Extension Version 1.2.0 27TH August 2020

    • Add PHP7.3 support
    • Add Magento 2.4.0 compatibility
    • Fix issue with custom options delete

    Extension Version 1.1.24 25TH August 2020

    • Fix issue with items options on items edit

    Extension Version 1.1.20 8TH August 2020

    • Add feature to modify increment order number

    Extension Version 1.1.18 2nd August 2020

    • Fix issue with tax calculation after items change
    • Fix issue with shipping assignment

    Extension Version 1.1.17 29th July 2020

    • Add feature to store changes in order items to separate table

    Extension Version 1.1.15 29th Dec 2019

    • Add notifications for sales entities remove after order item edit.
    • Fix installation problem

    Extension Version 1.1.14 20th Dec 2019

    • Compatible with 2.3.3 now
    • Feature to remove invoice/creditmemo/shipment after items editing.

    Extension Version 1.1.12 8th Oct 2019

    • Fix issue with order page display on admin side

    Extension Version 1.1.11 24th Sep 2019

    • Fix issues with blank admin order page
    • Fix wrong xml declaration for templates

    Extension Version 1.1.10 17th Sep 2019

    • Add is stock management enabled flag check

    Extension Version 1.1.9 21st July 2019

    • Fix raw html tags on customer order descriptions in customer account
    • Fix order state issues after order status edit in admin panel

    Extension Version 1.1.8 19th May 2019

    • fix: cminds logo added and change display position in configuration

    Extension Version 1.1.7 11th Apr 2019

    • fix: order edit error fix (getName error)
    • fix: add item and delete item issue
    • fix: some spelling mistake

    Extension Version 1.1.6 4th Mar 2019

    • Small bugs were fixed.
    • The issue with tax calculation was fixed.

    Extension Version 1.1.5 16th Jan 2019

    • After the order was edited, the user is redirected to the order page.

    Extension Version 1.1.4 20th Nov 2018

    • The problem with setup:di:compile for Magento version 2.1.6 is fixed

    Extension Version 1.1.3 13th Nov 2018

    • The issue with the di compile is fixed.

    Extension Version 1.1.2 9th Nov 2018

    • Bug Fixe related to product editing
    • Bug Fix with doubling the product item price, when adding a new order item to the order
    • New feature: admin users have ability to add items from all websites to the order while editing it

    Extension Version 1.1.0 15th Oct 2018

    • Added the ability to add or remove discount coupons.
    • Fixed the displaying of column "Action" on the order items. Now if the admin is not allowed to edit order items, then the column "Action" won't be displayed.
    • Added ability to set custom product price (the price is calculated correctly regarding the taxes and discount coupon).
    • Added validation of shipping methods after the shipping address was changed.
    • Add ability to edit shipping method after shipping address was changed.
    • Added ability to change payment method (doesn't work with online payment methods like Authorize.NET or PayPal).
    • Added ability to set custom shipping method price.
    • Added ability to remove the order on the order page.
    • Added bulk order removal on the order grid
    • Fixed code issues.

    Extension Version 1.0.14 12th April 2018

    • The items in order can be successfully removed

    Extension Version 1.0.12 5th April 2018

    • tax amount is calculated correctly after editing the items

    Extension Version 1.0.11 12th Jan 2018

    • Fixed tax calculations on edit/add orders

    Extension Version 1.0.10 3rd Jan 2018

    • Added a new feature which allows inline editing items qty and price

    Extension Version 1.0.9 23rd Aug 2017

    • Fixed issue with adding new products to existing order with quantity bigger that 1.
    • Ordered item list has been fixed for Magento 2.0.x.
    • Fixed issue with adding configurable product to orders, in some cases options were not loaded properly.

    Extension Version 1.0.8 24th July 2017

    • Added a new feature which allows adding configurable products to the order

    Extension Version 1.0.7 14th July 2017

    • added a new feature which allows editing order status

    Extension Version 1.0.6 1st July 2017

    • Minor fix for shipping method edit functionality.
    • Minor fix for order notes edit functionality.

    Extension Version 1.0.5 4th June 2017

    • Add configuration option to allow orders modification with allowed statuses only.

    Extension Version 1.0.4 27th March 2017

    • Add items grid filtering fix.
    • Automatically generate order note after removing an order item when order notes after editing order items feature is enabled.

    Extension Version 1.0.3 23rd Feb 2017

    • Update module dependencies.

    version 1.0.2 24th Nov 2016

    • Fix compatibility with EE version.
    • Add option to enable automatically generated order notes after editing order items.
    • Add option to enable automatically generated order notes after editing order shipping method.
    • Add ability to edit order notes with separated acl resource configuration.
    • Add ability to remove order notes with separated acl resource configuration.

    Version 1.0.1 6th Nov 2016

    • Add acl resources configuration.
    • Add ability to edit order shipping method.

    Extension Release 25th oct 2016

    We Accept All Major Credit Cards
    Accepted payment methods include all Credit Cards and PayPal