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How to Find the Best WordPress Plugins (Reliable Sites)

How to Find the Best WordPress Plugins (Reliable Sites)

We all know WordPress (or WP) is an adaptable platform that can be molded to meet its user’s needs. And we all know that, apart from themes, plugins are the best way of transforming or making a WP site unique.

WP has hundreds of plugins for it, and navigating that maze to find what you are looking for can be challenging.

So in this article, we are going to look at reliable sites that will allow you to get great plugins for your WordPress site.

10 (Quick) SEO Tactics To Help Google Love Your Titles

10 (Quick) SEO Tactics To Help Google Love Your Titles

There’s a lot of talk (and controversy) about title optimization nowadays. On one hand, SEO specialists argue that tuning your title can increase traffic. On the other, critics are fast to associate it with predatory click bait that turns away audience.

But it’s important to contextualize the discussion and remember that title optimization involve many possible strategies.

7 Definitive Resources to Becoming an SEO Master

7 Definitive Resources to Becoming an SEO Master

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important aspects of a WordPress website. It is the process of getting the maximum amount of traffic to a website by making sure it appears in the top results of a search engine.

This can be a tricky concept to achieve since there are over one billion websites, but it is possible to become an SEO master.

He Used a Glossary to Build a Cryptocurrency Manual

He Used a Glossary to Build a Cryptocurrency Manual

Cryptocurrencies have been grabbing headlines and investors alike in recent years. More and more people are interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies, but often still struggle to understand their basics.

An entrepreneur saw this gap and decided to help make sense of this exciting new realm with a cryptocurrency dictionary powered by the Tooltip Glossary Pro plugin

Top 10 Types of Website You Can Create With WordPress in 2020

Top 10 Types of Website You Can Create With WordPress in 2020

WordPress is a highly flexible and adaptable tool for creating websites, and one of the most popular in the world.

The proof of this is in the stats – around 455 million websites as of 2020 2Q, which accounts for around 20% of all self-hosted sites on the internet.

In addition, W3techs estimates that WordPress has a 63.2% share of websites using known content management systems. As far as content management systems go, WordPress truly is the leader.

And while it does have a reputation for hosting blogs, you shouldn’t let this fool you – it isn’t just small brands and personal blogs that use WordPress.

In this article, we’ll look at the top ten types of diverse websites that can be created using WordPress.

Top 10 Types of Website You Can Create With WordPress

1. Business Website

Why: There are a huge variety of themes available to suit any business. WordPress also offers effective scalability – your website can grow as your business does.

Examples: It isn’t just small players using WordPress, many global brands rely on it to build their websites too. 

 Renault – One of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, the Renault Group, uses WordPress for their impressive business site. The company uses WordPress’s extensive features to showcase their latest news, informational videos, and even link to their Twitter.

 The Walt Disney Company – Disney, arguably one of the biggest brands in the world, also uses WordPress. The company uses WordPress to transport browsers into their whimsical world. This, when contrasted with Renault, demonstrates how diverse WordPress can be.

2. Government Website

Why: WordPress’ customizable features allow you to convey any message, including official statements. Governments around the world opt for WordPress to display information in a simple but effective way. 

WordPress makes the experience the best it can be for both visitors and site admins.

How: Governments are no doubt attracted by the ability to display a range of different pages, from news to events. Certain extensions even allow for multi-language websites, perfect for countries with more than one common language.


 Sweden – The country’s official website is built with WordPress. The Government uses a simple layout with photo tiles and a modern font to represent the country’s modern, forward-thinking outlook.

 The United States – The States’ official website for the White House also uses WordPress. The White House uses the tool to convey their messages in a clear and simple way with a white and blue theme fitting for America. 

3. News

Why: Combining the latest stories with photo and video brings news stories to life, grabbing attention and attracting readers.

How: There are a range of tools available to optimize news sites, both in extensions and themes.

The custom themes on offer for WordPress allow content creators to appeal to their target market, whether that’s fashionistas or highbrow broadsheet readers.

Comment section tools allow readers to share their opinions on the latest topics and help to start discussions. In addition, secure payment options and extensions that allow content restrictions are all the editor’s fingertips.


 The New Yorker – A simple theme combined with The New Yorker’s trademark 1920s style font makes their website both sleek and impactful.

 TechCrunch – Technology news site TechCrunch combines images with bold headlines to catch the reader’s eye.

 Vogue – On the other end of the spectrum, Vogue uses a bold and unique layout to show the latest and greatest in fashion and beauty.

4. Podcasts

Why: The podcast market is a crowded one, so using WordPress to showcase your work is a good way to stand out from the crowd.

How: There are a whole host of WordPress plugins dedicated to podcasting, they allow you to, amongst other things: integrate audio with ease; add bonus content for subscribers; manage emails; add a download manager; and even run an online store on the side!


 .Satchmo – Satchmo is a podcast about making a podcast, so it makes perfect sense that you should listen if you’re thinking of taking up podcasting!

5. Musicians Website

Why: Musicians rely on self-marketing, and WordPress gives you the flexibility to create a site that reflects your sound.

How: Integrating audio, video, photographs, blog content, and even a forum can help budding musicians grow into full blown superstars. WordPress’ ability to do it all makes it a great choice for musicians looking to showcase their talent.

Examples: Did you know some of the biggest artists on the planet use WordPress for their official websites?

Katy Perry – As one of the most famous pop artists in the world, you might be surprised to learn that Katy Perry’s team uses WordPress. The easy to navigate site really expresses her unique personality.

Justin Bieber – Another superstar making the most of WordPress, Justin Bieber uses the site to promote his latest music, tours, and merchandise.

6. eCommerce Store

Why: Its ease of use means that WordPress is a go-to solution for online businesses that are new to eCommerce. Most use WooCommerce, which is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world, and just so happens to be built for WordPress.

How: Plugin to help you can handle online store essentials such as payments, inventory, sales tax, and shipping. There are even more advanced extensions that allow you to set up an auction site, or even integrate your Etsy.

Here at CreativeMinds, we offer useful extensions that will help you to run marketing campaigns – turning those new customers into repeat ones.

Examples: While they might not be household names, the following websites all have beautifully designed sites showcasing their products.

 Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. – Jack Rudy uses a simplistic theme to let their colourful drinks speak for themselves. The products are showcased clearly and effectively using WordPress.

 Kawaii Box – For something totally different, Kawaii Box is a Japanese subscription box. The successful business uses WordPress’ customization tools to convey their youthful, colourful branding.

7. Jobs Board

Why: In the modern world, job sectors are becoming increasingly niche. Having a board where businesses can list niche jobs so professionals can apply can streamline the hiring process. You might be surprised to know that WordPress can even set up this type of site.

How: Most job boards will not only display their list of jobs, but a search index, company reviews, and average salary amongst other things. Some go a step further and have an experiences blog, where contributors can give an overview of their day to day lives in their jobs.

WordPress extensions allow you to do all of this and more with ease.


Glassdoor – Glassdoor is a well-known job site, but did you know it’s built on WordPress? The company uses WordPress to guide users through the recruitment process, and even has a section where employees can rate and review their former employers. 

8. Forums and Online Communities

Why: The easy to use nature of WordPress means that truly anyone can pick it up and learn how to create the site of their dreams – and that dream could well be an online community dedicated to your favourite book, TV show, or film.

How: WordPress can help you build a forum, and then there’s a multitude of extensions and plugins that can boost the user experience of that forum including a registration code plugin to deter trolls.

You could even transform part of the site into a dedicated wiki knowledge base or use PeepSo or BuddyPress to create your own social network!


 WordPress Support Forums – It makes sense for WordPress to practice what they preach, and the WordPress Support Forums are a great example of the tool being used for this purpose. The layout is straight forward, easy to use, and really displays what it can do.

 Angry Birds Nest – On the other end of the spectrum, WordPress is also used to support the world’s #1 unofficial forum for the ever-popular mobile game Angry Birds. On the colourful forum, fans of the game can discuss anything and everything Angry Birds-related.

9. Charity Websites

Why: Similarly to business, WordPress can help you to craft a site to keep patrons informed of what your charity stands for, what it’s up to, and how donations are being spent. It also gives a secure place for patrons to donate.

How: WordPress features can be utilised to create engaging and inspiring content combining images, videos, and written content.


 Citizen Schools – Dedicated to helping young people succeed, Citizen Schools provides resources and information for students, teachers, and parents. WordPress helps them do this in a simple but effective way.

10. Portfolios

Why: Whether you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, or even a web designer, setting up a portfolio is essential to getting your work seen and your services requested. 

How: With a little searching, you can source WordPress themes that place the focus firmly on aesthetics. 

Themes involving beautiful image sliders and stunning photo galleries are a must have for people who create visual content. It’s no surprise that WordPress has become popular for this purpose.


Websterville Design – Jody Webster of Websterville Design uses WordPress to showcase his web design skills. Small picture tiles enable Jody to display as much of his work as possible, and WordPress’ extensive scope for customization allow him to showcase his superhero themed branding to full effect.


We hope the diversity showcased here has left you feeling inspired and ready to start your own WordPress site!

If you’re looking for useful plugins to improve your site, check out our WordPress plugins store

6 Most Common WordPress Errors And How To Fix Them

6 Most Common WordPress Errors And How To Fix Them

We have all been there: that excitement of managing our WordPress page that becomes frustration after dealing with an error. It is a slick and intuitive system, but WordPress errors can happen. Luckily, most of them can be easily fixed too.

Below we present a short but detailed list of common WordPress errors users face and our suggested actions.