Overview of Our WordPress Download and File Manager Plugin

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In this article, we’ll explore the features and capabilities of the Download and File Manager plugin for WordPress, and how it can benefit your website by providing your users with a smooth file downloading experience. Let’s delve into this plugin’s capabilities and see how it can optimize your website’s file management.

Overview of Our WordPress Download and File Manager Plugin

The WordPress Download and File Manager plugin supports the management of user groups, allowing for easier restriction and permitting access to selected users. It’s an excellent file directory plugin that lets users upload various types of files including images and videos.

WordPress Download and File Manager Plugin Frontpage

CM WordPress Download and File Manager Plugin Highlights

Download and File Manager Group Definitions

WP Download and File Manager Plugin User Groups

The group definitions are done using the group management interface, which allows administrators to create multiple groups, and in each group to include the users from the existing WordPress users table.

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Download Manager create a dedicated download dashboard that support multiple file types as well as archive files. Admin can grant access to specific users or group of users to download or upload files, All plans are backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Once groups are defined in the WordPress Download and File Manager plugin, administrators can set the groups that can add downloads and the groups that can view them. In addition, the administrators can name the group, choose the users for the groups and add or remove users from groups as needed.

Downloads Settings

Moderating Permissions in WP Download and File Manager Plugin

The plugin lets administrators moderate the groups in different ways. Administrators can decide to automatically approve new downloads, or grant users the option to define which downloads can be viewed and downloaded by which groups. The administrator can then also decide who has the ability to add new downloads. There is no limit to the number of files that can be uploaded.

WordPress Download Manager Plugin Permissions

WordPress Document Management Plugin File Preview

The downloads allow users to preview multimedia files. These include documents (via Google), audio, and videos.

Video Files Preview in Download Manager Plugin

Video preview

Music Files Preview in CM Download Manager Plugin

Music preview on the downloads page

Document files are previewed via the sturdy Google Drive service, which can open text, spreadsheets and presentations.

Protect Downloads with Passwords

Any download can be protected by a unique password set by its owner. The password is secure and other users don’t have access to it.

The author of the download enters a password to protect the download directly on the uploader or in the “New Download” form.

Download Manager Password Protection

Download protected by a password

Multi-file Download and ZIP Support

During upload, it’s possible to send over multiple files at once.

The admin chooses if these will be zipped or if users will be able to download them separately or in combination.

ZIP Downloads

Users can download any combination of files

Other Download and File Manager Features

  • Rich download page – Each download has its page with all kinds of information, from description to a discussion forum
  • Any File Extension – Determine which file extensions (such as jpg or exe) users can upload
  • Admin-only Access – Let users share files with only the admin
  • GDPR-Compliant – Add disclaimers to users so that they can only use the directory if they accept
  • And much more! Check the Download and File Manager plugin. Also check our WordPress plugins catalog.


    We are constantly adding new features to our WordPress Download and File Manager plugin. Its download manager functionality has excellent support, is both user-friendly and mobile-friendly, and has many advanced features.

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