What Is a Glossary Of Terms?

Dmitriy Kaprielov

Do you ever read a technical blog and wonder what words mean? Or not completely understand how the author is using a term and want to learn more?

Professional blogs and technical sites gain authority by providing an internal link for each technical word to a page that describes the word and how it is used.

What Is a Glossary Of Terms?

So, think of a Glossary of Terms as a technical or niche related dictionary. In a few words, it is an alphabetical list of related or important terms with their associated definitions coupled with any other necessary explanatory text.

Is a Glossary Of Terms just a Dictionary?

Glossary Of Terms - What Is a Glossary Of Terms?

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Don’t be fooled! They are different. A dictionary is an unsorted collection of all words in alphabetical order with a general definition. A Glossary Of Terms is much more niche specific and much more explanatory.

Think of a Glossary of Terms as a combination of a dictionary and an index of terms.

So, for example, if you had a blog on Mediterranean cooking you would want to have a Glossary of Terms that explained the spices and specific cooking methods and necessary tools that linked to recipes that use those items and maybe where to buy them. See example below:

Dictionary Example

Dukkah: Duqqa, du’ah, do’a, or dukkah is an Egyptian condiment consisting of a mixture of herbs, nuts, and spices.

It is typically used as a dip with bread or fresh vegetables for an hors d’œuvre.

Glossary of Terms Example

Dukkah: Pronounced do’ah in its native Arabic, dukkah, which hails from Egypt, is more of a topping than a spice blend. Nutty, toasty, and downright addictive, it’s traditionally served alongside labaneh with olive oil for dipping with bread.

See how to make Dukkah; Recipe 1; Recipe 2; Pictures; Where to Buy; Expert Blog.

Glossary Of Terms Uses

As mentioned above, the Glossary of Terms is best to be considered the combination of a niche specific dictionary and an index of terms.

It is incredible powerful because it allows a site visitor to travel across your blog, increasing the amount of time the visitor stays and increasing your chances of selling a product or acquiring a client. Here are some of the top uses and benefits:

  • Defines Terms in Your Sites Niche
  • Seen as an Expert in the Niche by the Visitors
  • Link to your Sites other Internal Pages (Indexing)
  • Increase Internal Backlinking Profile Good For On-Page SEO
  • Allows your Visitor to Learn More and Stay Longer
  • Higher Chances to Sell and Acquire

How do you create a Glossary Of Terms?

How do you create a Glossary Of Terms? - What Is a Glossary Of Terms?

There are a few methods that you can use to create a Glossary of Terms. First, let’s get one thing straight.

If you run a niche website that has written content or are trying to sell something to clients or acquire something from the general public you want to educate them on why your niche information is authoritarian.

A Glossary Of Terms isn’t just useful: it is NECESSARY to appear as though you know what you are doing. Increase your conversion by increasing your trust factor.

So, the easiest way and the most powerful way to create a Glossary Of Terms is to use a WordPress Plugin. You could just make a new page with a list, but that lacks the power and flexibility that Plugins offer.

Plugins work well because they are crafted for specific purposes. Here is a great example of a Glossary of Terms Plugin. There aren’t too many on the market. So, you want to make sure you buy from a trusted developer.

The power of this plugin is massive because you can basically build your own wiki on your page. So, you have to ask yourself: Why haven’t you done this yet?

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