7 Things to Consider Before a Website Redesign

Abigail Miller

Thinking of revamping your website? Read our website redesign tips before you take the plunge.

7 Things to Consider Before a Website Redesign

Change can be a good thing. After all, poor website design can lead to negative user experience, which can then lead to a loss in sales.

However, before you unleash your inner creative on the internet, there are some important factors you need to consider.

In this blog, we’re giving you our best website redesign tips and advice. We hope it’ll lead you into your website redesign journey armed with knowledge and confidence!

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The Benefits of a Website Redesign

The Benefits of a Website Redesign - 7 Things to Consider Before a Website Redesign

If you’re still feeling a little on the fence about investing in a redesign, here are some benefits of taking action:

  • Boost Conversion Rate – Outdated design that’s difficult to navigate is frustrating for users, and they’re not likely to hang around long enough to make a purchase or sign up to your site. Bringing your site up to date is the best way to solve this issue.
  • Increase Trust – Internet users trust well-design websites. It’s a fact. Having a professional looking website with top-notch design will inspire trust, which will again spur visitors to sign up to your mailing list or make a purchase.
  • Improve SEO – Your website speed and performance is a search engine ranking factor. If you want to move on up in Google’s algorithm, good design is the way to go. The revamp will also give you the opportunity to fix any harmful attributes that are holding you back in the SEO department.
  • Save Money – Yes, a website redesign might cost a big chunk of change in one go. But, if you’re constantly working to patch things on a broken, outdated site, that cost can rack up over time too. Trust us, a redesign can save you money in the long run.
  • Keep Up with the Competition – There are millions of websites out there. Competition is tough. Implementing the latest web design and development tips can help you to keep up with the competition in your niche.
    • Top Website Redesign Tips: Everything to Consider First

      Top Website Redesign Tips: Everything to Consider First - 7 Things to Consider Before a Website Redesign

      Now we’ve convinced you of the merits of a website redesign, it’s time to talk about what you need to consider before you make any moves.

      These are questions you should ask yourself before you take any steps towards redesigning your site.

      1. What’s Your Goal?

      First on the checklist is understanding what you’re trying to achieve with your website redesign. Any website project is a major investment, so knowing your end goal will keep you on track.

      Consider how the website redesign will help you achieve your overall business goals.

      2. How Is Your Current Site Performing?

      Integral to shaping your goals is knowing how you current site is performing.

      When assessing your site, you should cover factors like site speed, responsiveness, and performance as well as aesthetic design and functionality.

      Here are some key questions to consider:

      • Which current features work well?
      • Are there areas of your site that are underperforming?
      • What do you like about your current website?
      • Which aspects do you wish you could improve?
        • Mapping out answers to questions like these will help you decide what you need to change.

          3. Who Are Your Audience?

          The next of our website redesign tips is to carefully consider your audience before you make any changes.

          The beauty of web design is that you can create any aesthetic. After all, an eCommerce store selling trendy sneakers is going to differ in visual style to one selling stair lifts and mobility scooters.

          The beauty of web development is that you can add any functionality to your site. After all, the target audience of a trendy sneaker store is probably going to be more tech savvy than those in the market for a stair lift or mobility scooter.

          You get the idea – how you redesign your website should be informed by your target demographic.

          Ask yourself: who are my audience? Consider whether it’s changed since your website was first designed.

          4. What Are Your Competitors Doing?

          The competition can’t be ignored. Assessing the competition is a great way to gain ideas for your website redesign.

          For example, if you notice your competitors are all lacking a certain feature that’s useful for your audience, you can implement it on your own site and get ahead of the curve.

          Noting what you like and don’t like about competitor’s websites is a solid way to finesse your own website redesign.

          5. Do You Have an SEO Plan?

          Think of your website redesign like a fresh start.

          It’s an opportunity to improve your SEO: both on-page and technical.

          If you don’t have an SEO strategy in place, before your website redesign is a great time to implement one.

          6. What’s Your Budget?

          A website redesign is an investment, so you need to carefully consider your budget.

          Your budget will determine a number of things, including:

          The cost of a redesign can vary from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand, so you can see why setting a budget is so important.

          7. Which Platform Will You Use?

          Your website should be built using a content management system (CMS) or a website builder.

          Before embarking on your redesign, consider whether you’re sticking with your current platform or migrating to a new one. There’s no right or wrong answer here, with pros and cons to both options.

          Making a decision will come down to your timeframe, budget, and personal preferences.

          We’re big fans of Magento and WordPress – but there are plenty of CMS and website builders to choose from!

          Your Website Redesign Checklist

          Your Website Redesign Checklist - 7 Things to Consider Before a Website Redesign

          So, there you have it, 7 website redesign tips to consider before making the leap.

          To re-cap, it’s important that you understand:

          • Your ultimate goal for the redesign.
          • How your current site performs and areas you want and need to improve.
          • Who your audience are, and whether they’ve changed since your website was created.
          • What your competition are doing and how you can emulate their success or improve on their shortcomings.
          • If you need any changes to your SEO strategy.
          • What your budget is.
          • Whether you’re going to stick or switch platforms.
          • We hope these website redesign tips will come in handy when you embark on your website project! Whatever your goal, we wish you the best of luck with your redesign.

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