Visual Search Enhancement For Your On-Site Search

Courtney Jones

One essential tool that all websites need is a search function. Here’s how you can make it even better.

Visual Search Enhancement For Your On-Site Search

Having search on your WordPress website allows customers to more easily navigate and find content on your website. Your content can be more easily organized by tags and categories as well. In turn, this organization can make your content look more visually appealing.

The more efficient your WordPress on-site search is, the more likely customers will be to use it. In fact, the more user-friendly a search is, the less work the user needs to be in order to complete a search and find the correct content that they were looking for.

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Search enhancement is a key tool for success on WordPress websites, and allows customers to more easily find content through a variety of useful techniques. These techniques include things like autocomplete, term replacement, search logs, etc.

One reason that search enhancement is available now is due to humans and computers being even more linked and user-friendly than they were in the past. Searches that took just seconds can now take milliseconds or less.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing - Visual Search Enhancement For Your On-Site Search

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is actually a form of artificial intelligence (A.I.) that allows computers to understand natural human language. The A.I. powered devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and even Apple’s Siri are examples of how technology can understand human language.

Natural language processing today allows people worldwide to use their smartphones and computers to respond to voice commands instead of typing. These types of communication are also used for predictive language, language translation applications, voice response recognition and more.

Natural Language Processing - Visual Search Enhancement For Your On-Site Search

With natural language processing, our smartphones and computers went from being able to autocorrect words after they are typed, to being able to predict the word we are trying to use before you are done typing it. This is a major time saver for anyone using technology extensively.

Natural language processing is good for business because it gives computers the ability to pull meaning from unstructured data, which is what human language is, whether it be typed or spoken.

This technology can analyze text logs of support chats, predict words typed into a search query, complete data entry, form filling an much more. With WordPress, the most pressing and helpful way that natural language processing can help is via search.

Search Improvement Console

Search Improvement Console - Visual Search Enhancement For Your On-Site Search

There is another way to make your search enhancement more appealing with WordPress. While using natural language processing is a great step in saving time and enhancing the human to computer connection, it is an early technology and idea.

WordPress search as a whole is limited for users. People using WordPress search can have a hard time finding the relevant information that they want. Using a WordPress plugin can improve the functionality of WordPress search due to the ability to create redirects, suggest and replace tools and much more.

Users of WordPress can also get a search enhancement by downloading a search improvement plugin. This way admin can easily make changes to their WordPress search queries and make customizations after paying for and downloading the plugin.

The Search Improvement Console plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds is a good option, since it can enhance your WordPress search engine behavior. The plugin is just $39 for one website and $69 for up to three websites.

This plugin can also suggest terms and phrases based on what is being typed and redirect users to an internal URL based on what they are searching on the WordPress website.

Search Improvement Console - Visual Search Enhancement For Your On-Site Search

Additional features include the ability to interrupt specific queries and show customizable error messages or even redirect users to other content. Admin can replace typos and bad language so that those words do not appear in the search or as possible searchable words.

Other helpful features include the ability to track every IP address and create a suspicious IP list when people search for banned terms. Admin can also block each IP address that searches for banned terms in the WordPress search.

This plugin can track how many times a specific term was searched as well as when it was last searched. A helpful search graph can show the search volume of a term in the WordPress search over time as well.

Live Search Filter

Live Search Filter - Visual Search Enhancement For Your On-Site Search

Productive Live Search Filter WordPress Plugin.

Another great contender is the Live Search Filter plugin.

It excels at boosting search experience by adding a live search bar to the back-end and to selected posts.

Without a doubt, a great addition for those looking for search enhancement in WordPress.


Recap - Visual Search Enhancement For Your On-Site Search

Having a WordPress website is the best way to ensure your long-term business success, while growing your potential customer base exponentially. WordPress search on its own is a rather limited technology and there are ways to improve and expand its functionality both so that it’s faster and more user-friendly.

One of the ways to improve WordPress search enhancement overall is by downloading a WordPress search improvement plugin. Plugins exist to provide additional and helpful functionality to WordPress websites, and search plugins make WordPress content easier and more organized to find.

This is done with search redirects, which provide the best content available to the reader based on the search query as well as with suggest and replace, which suggests a search query which is the best content option for what has already been typed in the search bar.

Finally, there is the natural language processing, which is a branch of artificial intelligence and explores the interactions that computers have with human language. Smart searches and language translations are large advantages to natural language processing, many of which exist in our smartphones, computers, and Alexa or Google Home devices.

Both of these ideas, WordPress plugins and using natural language processing, have the ability to increase and improve the WordPress search query, save time, improve the user-friendliness of a WordPress website, and are cost-effective. WordPress search is limited and has a long way to go, but these improvements and customizations make it a more cutting edge search technology than previously used.

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