Using a Course Catalog WordPress Plugin to Offer Desert Workshops

Carlos Oliveira

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Using a Course Catalog WordPress Plugin to Offer Desert Workshops

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In this article, we will explore the way in which one non-profit organization created a plan to share its knowledge about the Israeli desert with people around the world.

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Exploring The Israeli Desert

Midbar Story - Using a Course Catalog WordPress Plugin to Offer Desert Workshops

Deserts make up more than 60% of Israel’s territory, which is reflected in the Israeli economy, culture, and identity. A new organization wants to help spread desert knowledge with desert workshops. To create them, they picked our WordPress Course Catalog plugin.

Israel’s most famous desert is Nagev, which spans more than half of the country’s land area. It has several ecological regions and many important archeological sites.

On the southern part, it also touches the Red Sea. For tourists, that means wonderful spots to visit, hike and explore. But to locals it’s much more: it’s part of their life.

Midbar Story Dead Sea - Using a Course Catalog WordPress Plugin to Offer Desert Workshops

On one hand, desert regions contribute to challenges such as droughts, sandstorms, and mostly lack of water. On the other hand, it also brings pride with its stunning beauty, unique geology, and rich fauna and flora.

It also means knowledge: the country has researchers aplenty who have studied the desert first-hand and applied the findings in key economic activities.

Creating Online Courses to Share Desert Knowledge

Midbar Story - Using a Course Catalog WordPress Plugin to Offer Desert Workshops

Institute for Desert Knowledge

The non-profit organization we mentioned at the beginning of this article is The Institute for Desert Knowledge. It’s devoted to collecting and sharing knowledge related to life in desert areas globally.

Desert Knowledge was born as a way to share unique insights that can’t be developed anywhere else. The team has geologists, botanists, and ecologists – all enthusiastic about showing others what they’ve learned about the desert.

The institute organizes workshops to disseminate knowledge and skills to cope with desert conditions. Courses are held both in the classroom and during field excursions.

Implementing the WordPress Course Catalog Plugin

The Desert Knowledge team decided to showcase and sell access to the workshops on a WordPress site. They needed a plugin to organize courses, manage registration, and let users purchase spots, while also allowing the administrators to monitor students’ progress.

After extensive research, it was clear that the best option, which fulfilled all of their requirements, was the WordPress Course Catalog plugin by CreativeMinds.

It simplifies course organization with separate pages and categorized information. The plugin allows for customizing course details, privacy settings, and user ratings while offering multiple viewing options, SEO-friendly features, and robust search capabilities.

How Does The WordPress Course Catalog Plugin Work

Midbar Story - Using a Course Catalog WordPress Plugin to Offer Desert Workshops

Catalog showing three courses

This WordPress plugin for online courses lets the admin create multiple thematic courses. Each has a unique page filled with images, descriptions, availability tables, contact forms, and more.

All this content encourages flashy but descriptive pages to attract students, all while boosting the site’s SEO rating.

Midbar Story - Using a Course Catalog WordPress Plugin to Offer Desert Workshops

Each course has extensive information and a buy now button

With the WordPress Course Catalog plugin, it’s possible to organize courses by categories and tags and display different lists anywhere on the site.

The plugin enhances SEO by interlinking course pages and simplifies user access by allowing the display of related courses. Offering flexibility to show or conceal content based on user status, this system enables tailored access and supports diverse classifications, facilitating streamlined course navigation.

With email reporting and language customization options, the WordPress Course Catalog plugin ensures efficient communication and accommodates international audiences, making it an invaluable asset in creating a dynamic and inclusive online course platform.


As you can see, the WordPress Course Catalog plugin has proven instrumental in the Institute for Desert Knowledge’s journey of spreading knowledge about the Israeli desert.

By organizing workshops and courses through categorized pages, this plugin has made the sharing of in-depth knowledge possible on a larger scale, allowing individuals worldwide to access and engage with unique insights and skills related to desert environments.

The plugin’s versatility in content display, SEO optimization, and user-specific access has not only enhanced the visibility of these workshops but also smoothed out the learning experience, affirming its indispensable role in creating an interactive and inclusive online learning platform for desert knowledge dissemination.

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