Top 5 Pay Per Post WordPress Plugins in 2022

Top 5 Pay Per Post WordPress Plugins in 2020

Pay per post plugins are a popular option for content control on WordPress websites. Having a paywall solution is also a great way to increase your monetization.

The main goal of a paywall is to generate income.

The good news is, there are lots of paywall plugins available. The less good news is that they all offer different features, so you’ll need to do some research to find out which is the best for you.

All of the plugins in this list are high quality and have extensive features. They’re great options no matter how big your business is or how much content you have.

1) Pay Per Post Plugin

The Pay Per Post plugin from CreativeMinds is a powerful tool that allows you to lock your best content behind a paywall.

Designed for use with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), admin can charge a specific amount of money to let users access restricted pages and posts.

Complete Control Over Pages and Prices

One of the best things about the Pay Per Post plugin is that it gives you complete control over which content is restricted and how much it costs to view.

You can define how long content is locked – from a matter of minutes to forever. You can also enter how much you wish to charge for access. These settings can be changed at any time. So, if you find you need to adjust your prices up or down, it’s simple to do.

CM Pay Per Post - Pricing

Pricing Options

The plugin also supports unlimited pricing plans, as shown above, which can be divided into different tiers. Admin can also define a subscription plan for access to multiple web pages for a specified time. Any active subscriptions to a pricing plan will be automatically detected when a user logs in.

With the MicroPayments Virtual Wallet add-on, you can even create a virtual currency which users can then use to pay for access. The choice is yours.

If needs be, you can even grant refunds to users – as shown in the screenshot below.

CM Pay Per Post - Refunds

Refund Panel in the Back-end

Front-end Results

When the paywall is put in place, users will be greeted by a Active Subscription box. Here they can choose whether they want to activate a single-use subscription to review just one piece of content, or sign up for one of your pricing plans.

Here’s how it will look:

CM Pay Per Post - Activate Subscription

Activate Subscription Box Front-end View

Of course, all style options are fully customizable – so you can tweak the appearance to fit with the rest of your website!

Ultimate Pay Per Post Solution

CM Pay Per Post offers is one of the best paywall plugins on the market. Designed with users in mind, it’s fully customizable and can be configured to suit your needs. So whether you’re a freelance writer, teacher providing tutorials, or a business looking to monetize your valuable content – this plugin is for you.

CM Pay Per Posts Pro
Pay Per Post
The Pay Per Post plugin supports restricting access to posts or pages on your WordPress site while supporting various payment options based on the length of time a user can access the post or page. The plugin also supports granting access to a selective group of posts.
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2) Piano Media (Tinypass)

Piano Media, formerly Tinypass, is a top quality paywall solution for big businesses. The plugin supports over 24 different currencies and users can pay by article, by category, do bulk pricing or get a custom pricing solution.

Piano Media (Tinypass) - Top 5 Pay Per Post WordPress Plugins in 2020

Piano Media is an excellent choice for protecting content online and is still completely affordable. There are helpful demos and documentation as well as helpful support. They offer various payment options, including virtual currency.

3) Leaky Paywall

Leaky Paywall is one of the most profitable paywall solutions available. This plugin is ideal for the publishing industry. Admin can create subscription levels, add these subscription options on all posts and pages of their website, and then allow subscribers to sign up.

Leaky Paywall - Top 5 Pay Per Post WordPress Plugins in 2020

Leaky Paywall is a metered paywall solution, that increases your availability in search results, increases social media and email lists, and much more. There is a free version available for WordPress, are there are monthly options starting at $245 per month. This paywall is also compatible with iOS and Android apps.

Leaky Paywall - Top 5 Pay Per Post WordPress Plugins in 2020

4) Pigeon Paywall

Pigeon Paywall is a helpful paywall solution that integrates easily into your WordPress website. The plugin is simple to set up and establish paid access to content. The plugin also lets users search for members by name and see what kind of subscription they are signed up for.

Pigeon Paywall - Top 5 Pay Per Post WordPress Plugins in 2020

This paywall solution is accepts a variety of payment options, including secure and recurring payments. It is a great fit for newspapers, digital magazines, digital downloads and much more. There is a monthly fee of $99 for online access and smaller fees for the type of content.

Pigeon Paywall - Top 5 Pay Per Post WordPress Plugins in 2020

5) Restrict Content Pro

The Restrict Content Pro plugin is a powerful membership solution that is ideal for bigger business. With this plugin there is an option to make content public or private. There are several pricing tiers including $99 for 1 site, $149 for 5 sites, the professional version for $249 and the ultimate version for $499.

Restrict Content Pro - Top 5 Pay Per Post WordPress Plugins in 2020

The plugin has excellent support options, has the ability to restrict past content and create group accounts. This plugin has lots of built in payment options, usage reports, live demos, unlimited subscription packages and much more.

Restrict Content Pro - Top 5 Pay Per Post WordPress Plugins in 2020


The pay per post plugins in this list are high quality and top rated, while being user friendly and having excellent features. Some of these plugins are great options for anyone just starting out with pay per post plugins or more advanced users.

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