How to Secure Your WordPress Site With reCAPTCHA

Courtney Jones

If the question is “how can I keep my WordPress website secure?” The answers is reCaptcha.

How to Secure Your WordPress Site With reCAPTCHA

Security is a major issue when dealing with the Internet, and WordPress is the largest content management system online right now. Keeping your website safe is a top priority, as is keeping out unwanted visitors. Doing this will help ensure your website will run smoothly.

Most websites are familiar with spam and spam bots, and just how annoying they can be when they are trying to attach themselves to your website. reCAPTCHA is the best cure for spam bots, and takes the headache of spam away as well as constantly working to keep your WordPress website safe.

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reCAPTCHA is a simple and effective way to add an extra layer of security to your WordPress website. reCAPTCHA is similar to CAPTCHA, which stands for a Completely Automated Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It exists to make sure that human beings are the ones using websites and makes access deliberately difficult for bots.

The reCAPTCHA works by running a challenge-response simulation. This challenge simulation usually happens in the form of pictures with numbers, matching pictures in a set, or a line of fuzzy looking numbers of words. This is done to ensure that the user really is human after all.

All a human user has to do is complete the challenge by entering the numbers, letter or matching the pictures and clicking the submit button to gain access to the website. A spambot is unable to complete the challenge and will be unable to gain access to the website.

reCAPTCHA example - How to Secure Your WordPress Site With reCAPTCHA

It’s important to remember that while reCAPTCHA is super helpful in keeping spammers out, it actually exists to prevent spammers from clogging and consuming access to your WordPress website. So, statistically, there will be some spammers who get through, which is why websites often have multiple layers of protection.

Setting Up reCAPTCHA on WordPress

What is reCAPTCHA - How to Secure Your WordPress Site With reCAPTCHA

Setting up reCAPTCHA on your WordPress website can be accomplished in a few easy steps. It’s important to note that reCAPTCHA is added through a Google Captcha, so the instructions can change a bit depending on the device you use.

Below we’ll cover the process of implementing it as seen on some of our plugins.

Video Tutorial

More instructions

First, head to the settings screen of the plugin. The reCAPTCHA fields will be located inside a specific section depending on the plugin.

reCAPTCHA settings - How to Secure Your WordPress Site With reCAPTCHA

Using the feature require API Keys, which are provided by Google on the reCAPTCHA page. The process to retrieve the keys changes periodically, but always involves logging in, creating a project and adding basic information about your website.

Follow the instructions provided by Google and add the keys you receive from Google into the appropriate boxes. Then save all the changes. Users can also adjust the settings to align with what they want on their WordPress website. Once the settings are completed, you can save the changes again and then reCAPTCHA will be activated on your WordPress website.

CreativeMinds Plugins With reCAPTCHA Support

Email Domain Blacklist Plugin

In addition to reCAPTCHA, many websites require email registration for access to online content. Lots of websites also include a reCAPTCHA underneath the email registration for an added layer of security protection. This plugin creates a blacklist and whitelist of email registrations to ensure no spammers get through.

Some features of this plugin include online domain filtering, allowing only whitelisted emails to register, preventing blacklisted emails from registering, add domains to separate whitelists and blacklists, and much more. The pro version is $29 for one website and $69 for up to three websites.


Email Domain Blacklist Plugin - How to Secure Your WordPress Site With reCAPTCHA

In conclusion, having reCAPTCHA is an important and necessary level of security for your WordPress website. reCAPTCHA ensures that spammers cannot access your website over and over or even at all. reCAPTCHA is also completely effective for blocking spam emails, so your inbox is only filled with important and relevant information.

Installing reCAPTCHA on your WordPress website can be accomplished in just a few simple steps. Simply download the plugin from Google, install it on your WordPress website, input your API keys, update the settings you want to use and save your changes.

Another way that reCAPTCHA is ideal for WordPress websites is that it is effective in blocking spam comments. WordPress is one of the largest content management websites in existence, so there is a lot of social interaction and helpful user information available on WordPress websites, which should also be free of spammers.

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