How to Protect Download Links in WordPress

Dmitriy Kaprielov

As the owner of a website, security should be one of your major concerns.

After all, an important aspect of successful, safe website management is ensuring that files and downloads on your site are protected and in the right hands.

How to Protect Download Links in WordPress

Because WordPress does not have a built-in secure download feature, if you simply create your site and post some links to files, programs, or media on a downloads page, anyone on the internet may access these files.

This unauthorized access to your downloads can be dangerous if the files contain valuable or sensitive data.

How to Protect WordPress Download Links With Download Manager

The CM WordPress Download Manager plugin decreases the risk that your data will be accessed by those for whom it wasn’t intended. The plugin enables you to create a unique password so that each file is secure and safe. In this way, the file will be locked until the password is entered correctly, essentially eliminating unauthorized access to the contents of your download links.

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Download Manager create a dedicated download dashboard that support multiple file types as well as archive files. Admin can grant access to specific users or group of users to download or upload files, All plans are backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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How to Set Up Password Protection for Files

To ensure that your WordPress downloads are secure, you can set up the password directly on the uploader or “New Download” form when you create your file, as shown here: Click the checkbox for “Protect by password,” and type in the password.

Secure Your Download Links With a Password - Creative Minds Blog

After you’ve set up a password for a file, when the user attempts to download it, they will be prompted to type the password into the field above the “Download” button.

How to Set Up Password Protection for Files - Creative Minds Blog

In addition, you can set rules defining who has access to downloads. Go to the “Access and moderation” tab under plugin settings to configure these rules.

How to Set Up Password Protection for Files - Creative Minds Blog

You may also restrict access only to those with specific user roles.

You can even set permissions for each category so that certain user roles are restricted from adding, editing, or deleting files based on the category in question. With these security measures in place, you can feel more confident that your files are secure and that your valuable data is protected.

For more information or to view detailed step-by-step instructions, please view our documentation here.

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