Where To Find WordPress Developers To Hire in 2024

Courtney Jones

There are new WordPress plugins, themes, widgets, and websites created every day. All of these are possible because of WordPress developers. Here’s how to find a good WordPress developer.

Where To Find WordPress Developers To Hire in 2022

A WordPress developer is someone who can build and customize WordPress plugins, modules or themes or develop an application which is based on WordPress platform. WordPress developers are experts at the core functionality of WordPress and the software practices that create WordPress products.

Developing in WordPress requires a good knowledge of the PHP programming language, a good knowledge of javascript and of course knowledge in HTML and CSS. On top of that a WordPress developer needs to understand WordPress core functions, filters and hooks.

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Table of Contents

  1. Why Hire a WordPress Developer
  2. Types of WordPress Developer to Hire
  3. Freelancing Websites
  4. Direct Hire

1) Why Hire a WordPress Developer

Why Hire a WordPress Developer - Where To Find WordPress Developers To Hire in 2024

When creating a WordPress website, there are a variety of reasons why hiring and WordPress developer is a good idea. Using a developer saves time, they can create custom functionality and theme options, and assist with front-end or back-end maintenance and installation.

Hiring a WordPress developer is a good idea for anyone who is building a website for a large business, a multi-purpose website, or wants fully customized designs and functionalities.

2) Types of WordPress Developer to Hire

Types of WordPress Developer to Hire - Where To Find WordPress Developers To Hire in 2024

WordPress developers can be freelancers or a team of developers at a company. It’s important to complete some research into what the best fit would be for your business. Also, it’s important to pick a developer that can complete the work effectively and in a timely manner.

In addition, WordPress developers can have different skill sets within WordPress. Some developers work in the front-end, which includes everything that visitors see when they visit your website, from the URL to the page layout.

Some WordPress developers focus on the back-end to keep the website running efficiently and connects with the database, from the webpage load time to how the website communicates with the database. Finally, a full-stack developer works with both the front-end and back-end of the WordPress website.

The Role of Experience in Development

Finally, experience is an important factor. Junior or jack-of-all trades developers usually lack a macro view and can only work for one or few projects to solve specific projects. Contact will be minimal and they require detailed instructions. They can be cheaper, but need more management.

Seasoned ones, on the other hand, can work for as many projects as needed to solve small or big problems. Contact can be frequent and they are comfortable not only receiving instructions but also making suggestions. They are likely to be more expensive.

3) Where to Find Freelance WordPress Developers – Freelancing Websites

Where to Find Freelance WordPress Developers - Freelancing Websites - Where To Find WordPress Developers To Hire in 2024

If you decide to go with a freelancer for your WordPress development, there are a few places you can easily find developers online. Freelance WordPress developers can be hired directly, and they usually have a portfolio of their work available through freelancing websites.

These freelancing websites are simple to find in a Google search, and the most recognizable ones are probably Fiverr and UpWork. These websites offer to connect businesses with freelancers by providing them online profiles, so all the business has to do ids reach out and contact them about the work.

Fiverr provides an online platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide. It gained popularity for offering all types of creative services for as little as five dollars, although sellers can list any price for services.

Simply search for WordPress developers or filter by the type of development work you need accomplished. Then simply browse through the candidates and their rates, and pick someone who could accomplish the work quickly and effectively.

UpWork is the largest freelancing platform online, with over three million jobs posted annually and twelve million registered users. Freelancers and clients both sign up for accounts and freelancers can search for jobs or companies can search for freelancers.

In the field of WordPress development, prices for freelancers are much higher on UpWork. Clients post the job requirements, project length and set filters for a specific country, language, UpWork skill test scores, etc.

For both UpWork and Fiverr, the website takes care of the payment transactions for the work and even takes a fee for the transaction, which can be 5%, 10% or 20%. There’s always chance that finding a WordPress developer on a freelancing website doesn’t work out for a variety of reasons.

4) Where to Find Professional WordPress Developers – Direct Hire

Direct Hire - Where To Find WordPress Developers To Hire in 2024

Professional WordPress developers can also be found by searching online, and you can also hire them directly. Their WordPress development skills will be obvious by their website if they have one, which also includes reviews and has a pay and work structure available for clients.

Contacting developers or a company directly usually gives you more time to discuss your project. The cost will seem higher at first – but there will be no transaction fees from a middleman. Also, it’s much easier to build a relationship with a professional as a opposed to a freelancer.

CreativeMinds offers a team of highly skilled WordPress developers, who create cutting edge, open source, WordPress plugins and features. We can develop and customize plugins to need specific needs.

CreativeMinds has developed over two hundred WordPress plugins that are user-friendly, secure, SEO-friendly and feature rich. We have also implemented many plugin integrations and have offices across the globe.

In addition, CreativeMinds offers plugin installation, development on per hour or project base, support, and consulting. We offer WordPress expertise, reliability, and full service from idea to completion.


Conclusion - Where To Find WordPress Developers To Hire in 2024

Hiring a WordPress developer is a good idea for anyone who is a newcomer to WordPress, or has no issue hiring something to complete custom WordPress work. Usually, these projects have a budget and very detailed instructions.

Using a freelancer and using a professional WordPress developer have their own pros and cons, so it’s a matter of deciding which would work best for your business. There are websites to find freelancers and there are also companies like CreativeMinds that have a full team of WordPress developers.

It’s important to do your research when looking for a WordPress developer, including previous work, budget, developer rate, time of project and much more.

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