All In One SEO vs. SEO Keyword Hound: A Comparison

Courtney Jones

Having great search engine optimization is key to getting more traffic to your web pages – but which SEO plugin is better, All in One SEO or Keyword Hound?

All In One SEO vs. SEO Keyword Hound: A Comparison

With WordPress, there are many different options for search engine optimization plugins, and it’s important to note that not all of these SEO plugins are the same.

Some SEO WordPress plugins perform limited functions to increase your search engine visibility or will provide very basic features with more advanced features being available in the premium version of the plugin.

WordPress is considered to be a very search engine friendly platform, but having a search engine optimization plugin is still a great idea to further boost your content. Both of the WordPress plugins in this list have free and premium features to improve overall website search engine optimization.

SEO Keyword Hound is a helpful keyword tool from CreativeMinds, which accelerates the keyword research process and helps tell users where to place keywords within the content. The plugin also targets competitor keywords and tracks the optimization success of the keywords.

All in One SEO is one of the most well-known search engine optimization plugins for WordPress because it was the original WordPress SEO plugin. This plugin has been around since 2007, and still offers the most helpful features in the free version than any other SEO plugin.

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1) SEO Keyword Hound Plugin

SEO Keyword Hound - All In One SEO vs. SEO Keyword Hound: A Comparison

The SEO Keyword Hound from CreativeMinds is unlike any other SEO WordPress plugin. This plugin completes a competitive analysis, which is a way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. The plugin also improves keyword research, by telling users where to place keywords in content based on how competitors keyword have performed.

There are five simple stages of this SEO plugin. Users can choose your search queries, find your biggest competitors, create a keyword list, find your competitors’ keywords, and track optimization success.

Free Version

The free version of the SEO Keyword Hound plugin includes lite but powerful features, such as keyword analysis.

For beginners, this tool works well with a small group of websites and allows users to add more pages and learn as you go, so not every single page has to be optimized from day one. There is also a comprehensive product guide to walk you through all the settings in the plugin.

More advanced users can enjoy a tailored keyword analysis and define the parameters of the scope as well. There is also the ability to change, apply, test and adapt your SEO content strategy.

Keyword Hound Graph

Keyword Hound shows impressions and conversions of one product page over a period of one year

Premium Version

This SEO Keyword Hound plugin is available as part of the All Access WordPress Plugin 99+ Suite which is $249. This a bundle of 99 CreativeMinds plugins, all upcoming plugins, 1 year of support and upgrades and two activations for each plugin.

Use powerful keyword tracking to monitor keyword KPIs on individual pages. Easily compare keyword density, location, incidence, and more with your competitors and see the historical data of all the changes over time.

Send and receive smart notifications to check individual page stats and optimize pages. Users can manage keyword competitor lists through CSV import and export which includes full-page metrics. The plugin integrates well with Google Analytics and Moz as well as other SEO tools.

All In One SEO

All In One SEO - All In One SEO vs. SEO Keyword Hound: A Comparison

All in One SEO is a super user-friendly search engine optimization WordPress plugin which integrates easily with other plugins, is affordable and has extensive free documentation and support options. Easily submit sitemaps to search engines and integrate with third-party services.

Free Version

The free version of this plugin is currently available on over three million WordPress websites and is the second most popular WordPress plugin for search engine optimization. This version is available for download from for free.

One helpful feature of the All in One SEO plugin is that you can migrate any data and settings from other SEO plugins you used from the import tool in this plugin. Any general settings can be changed in the admin dashboard after the simple installation process is complete.

There is also a helpful tooltip in the free version which displays links to relevant content and support documentation pages when clicked on. In addition, All in One SEO is compatible with custom post types as well as any other WordPress posts and pages.

All in One SEO puts helpful SEO information on all pages and posts, to make changes to optimization easy. Users can input a title, description, NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW or choose to disable the SEO for any page or post.

The plugin also allows for previews so users can see how their content is displayed in search engine results, and the information inputted into the fields of this plugin is the information that search engine are crawling for. The more inputs you have, the better your overall search results will be.

One unique feature of the All in One SEO free version is that it is fully integrated with WooCommerce to help optimize online stores to better sell products through search engines. In addition, the plugin integrates with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Premium Version

Premium Version - All In One SEO vs. SEO Keyword Hound: A Comparison

The premium version of All in One SEO is available in three versions. The individual version is $68 for one website, the business version is $118 for up to ten websites, and the agency version is $559 for unlimited websites.

All of these premium versions are available to purchase with PayPal. Some of the more advanced features include SEO for custom taxonomies, tags, and categories, advanced support for WooCommerce, access to video screencasts, premium support forums, a full knowledge center, and a user-friendly video SEO module.

Users can easily integrate with social media like Twitter and Facebook and more. There are also advanced options for Google Analytics tracking and Google Knowledge Graph, unlimited access to updates, and the ability to submit multiple sitemaps.


Both All in One SEO and SEO Keyword Hound are good options for search engine optimization WordPress plugins. Both of these plugins have a free and premium version with a variety of different features, and fully optimize your WordPress website.

The SEO Keyword Hound tool is an excellent choice for challenging competitor keywords and making recent changes to content. This plugin provides keywords statistics and tells users where to place them, being ideal for users eager to dive into SEO optimization.

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