How to Keep Users on Your WordPress Site in 7 Steps

Courtney Jones

What is it about a website that attracts people? In the digital age, this is an important question with a complex answer.

How to Keep Users on Your WordPress Site in 7 Steps

It’s very important for your business that your WordPress site attracts and keeps users on your page.

There are a few key elements that help keep people on your WordPress site, such as good content, relevant links, and good overall presentation.

There are a few simple ways to attract and keep users on your WordPress site, and all of it has to do with first impressions. The first few seconds that a user spends on your WordPress site makes all the difference. What draws the users eye? Can they easily navigate your pages? The following list will cover some basic and very helpful ways to improve your WordPress site and increase your overall viewer traffic.

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How to Keep Users on Your WordPress Site

1) Make it Beautiful

Choosing the right theme for your website is incredibly important. There are tons of themes to choose from, but doing research to find the right theme for the message you are trying to convey to people who visit your website is a wonderful first step.

Having an easy to navigate layout is also ideal, since you want users to be able to find content on your pages without getting frustrated or lost. Also, having video and images that are aesthetically pleasing and draw people in are excellent ways to keep people’s attention on your pages.

The Post Content Slider Plugin

The post content slider plugin takes normal multi-page posts and splits them into dynamically loading sliders. This plugin lets you build an easy to read post slider in seconds. You can easily turn long articles into slides, and the plugin supports multiple content types and post types.

Creative Blog Visual Widgets Plugin

The blog widgets plugin lets users add creative blog widgets to your sidebar to visually improve the overall look of your WordPress site. The five different widgets are the word cloud, dynamic cloud, single random post, color cloud and bubble chart which are all customizable.

There are also some shortcodes available that will let users post the widgets on any post or page on a WordPress site.

2) Make it User-Friendly

WordPress sites need to be user-friendly to be successful. Not everyone is tech savvy and no one wants to have to hunt forever for the information they need. Many of your users will be visiting your WordPress site for the first time, so any information they need should be easy to find, navigate or access.

Popup features - How to Keep Users on Your WordPress Site in 7 Steps

Responsive PopUp Banner Plugin

Our responsive popup banners plugin lets users easily add popup banners and fly-in advertisements to any page of your WordPress site. The plugin is fully customizable and lets users choose unlimited banners that appear when clicked over as well. The plugin includes detailed reports and lets users schedule when ads run and create specific campaigns.

Powerful Administrator ToolSet Plugin

The admin toolset plugin is the swiss army knife of WordPress plugins. This do-it-all plugin includes helpful tools that will improve our admin dashboard like improving site performance, track cron jobs, monitor error logs, customize the overall look and feel of your site and much more. Improve backend administration as well as enhance overall functionality of your site.

3) Make It Interactive

Make WordPress site Interactive - How to Keep Users on Your WordPress Site in 7 Steps

The best way to engage with the people who visit your WordPress site it by interacting with them. Instead of just letting them browse your site, allow them the chance to give input and feedback. Let users immerse themselves in your content by asking questions and getting help if they need it.

Best Frequently Asked Question Plugin

This FAQ plugin lets users build a frequently asked question knowledgebase on their site. Users can easily search by categories and vote for the best answers. Users can add a floating FAQ search widget to any page to display relevant questions or users can go to the FAQ page.

Awesome Questions and Answers Plugin

This plugin was designed to create a user-friendly discussion board on your WordPress site. Users can post questions, images, video, files and more as well as comment on existing topics and vote up or down for the best answers.

Each question asked has its own thread page for easy organization. Admin also have full control of moderation through the settings and access to statistical reports.

4) Make it Fast

In the age of the social media and having multiple screen devices at your fingertips, it is important that information gets to users as quick as possible. If a website takes more than 5 seconds to load, most people are ready to give up and find something else. Making your WordPress site faster should be a priority for anyone trying to get more active visitors.

Make WordPress site fast - How to Keep Users on Your WordPress Site in 7 Steps

Caching Plugins

If you are looking to speed up your WordPress site, a caching plugin is the perfect way to do that. A caching plugin is something every website needs. Caching plugins temporarily store data from a website so it loads quicker, and everyone knows that if a website takes a long time to load, chances are users are already clicking on something else. W3 Total Cache is a great option for a caching plugin.

Header Footer Script Loader Plugin

This plugin increases site load time and lets admin manage scripts and styles on all posts and pages of a WordPress site. Users can control what should be loaded on the page in the settings and you can set scripts to pre-load or load automatically. Users can manage the script load and reduce the page load times easily.

5) Make It Safe

In the digital age, security is very important. Everyone’s information is online now, from personal information to banking to healthcare, and its important that the information stay secure. The best way to ensure your website is safe is by using a plugin that secures every inch of your WordPress site.

HTTPS SSL Manager Plugin

This WordPress HTTPS plugin automatically redirects from http to https to keep your website and information secure. The plugin also enables SSL (secure socket layer) communication, on specific pages or all pages. This plugin is excellent for fixing insecure content easily with no hassle.

6) Make it Useful

Make WordPress site Useful - How to Keep Users on Your WordPress Site in 7 Steps

Most people are looking for something specific or they are trying to solve a problem when they visit a WordPress site. Having relevant information and products makes your WordPress site invaluable. Having products, goods or services that complete specific goals quickly and affordable is ideal and makes your WordPress site a good resource.

Expert and Member Directory Plugin

This plugin specializes in building an expert member directory with detailed information about each user. Users can embed the directory on their WordPress site, and filter the members with categories, tags and more. The member profiles can ideal for academic institutions or other companies, as it includes photos and personal information.

Product Discovery Plugin

This plugin is great for store owners because it allows for a curated collection of product pages, each with its own product information, images and more

Users can embed a product directory on their WordPress site which supports multiple catalogs which can be organized easily into categories. The plugin is fully customizable and users can post their own product listings as well.

Here is a great article on 9 Hidden RSS Uses for Your WordPress Site.

7) Make It Relevant

You really want users to stay on your website? Make it relevant. You can do this by providing tools that users really need, but don’t necessarily know about like, tooltips or online file directories. These tools completely change how words or files are managed throughout a website, making it much more manageable.

Tooltip Glossary Plugin

This excellent tooltip plugin creates a glossary of terms that appear in a tooltip when the mouse hovers over the term on a page.

Make WordPress site relevant - How to Keep Users on Your WordPress Site in 7 Steps

The plugin also creates a glossary index page and includes data from dictionaries and thesauruses. Each term in the glossary is defined in a simple way and easily accessed whenever that specific term is mentioned.

The glossary pages are linked together which also improves your site search engine optimization and also shows related articles that use glossary terms.

Download and File Manager Plugin

Easily create an online file sharing directory with the download and file manager plugin. Users can quickly upload or download images, files, video and much more. The plugin supports adding access restrictions, moderating uploads, and accepting payments for uploads and downloads. The plugin also creates an index page which lists all downloads by category for better organization.


Keeping users on your WordPress site should be a main goal for anyone with a website. There are several key ideas to keep in mind when trying to keep people on your WordPress site.

This includes having a fast site, making your site visually appealing, making it easy to navigate, and having relevant content. Some additional ideas to consider include optimizing your site for mobile devices and opening links in new tabs.

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