Recycle, Re-Use: How to Repurpose Content to Drive Traffic

Courtney Jones

Every website owner is searching for ways to drive traffic to their site. One of the best is repurposing old content. If you’re wondering how to repurpose content, this is the blog for you.

Recycle, Re-Use: How to Repurpose Content to Drive Traffic

If you maintain an active blog – posting weekly or daily – then you’ll have a lot of content ready and waiting for new readers. However, you’ll likely find that posts are most popular when first published, and then readership tapers off.

This is where repurposed content comes in. Not only does repurposing content save time, it also gives your content a boost in search engines so people can more easily find it.

Repurposing breathes new life into content. It’s already bought traffic to your site but now, with a few tweaks, it can potentially bring in even more.

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Choosing Content to Repurpose

Recycle, Re-Use - How to Repurpose Content

You have to start somewhere. The first step is to decide why the content is being reworked. Maybe you want to bring qualified leads in to help sell a product or provide an update on an existing product.

Recycling the content is a great way to achieve this, as you are only reworking the content with better words or visuals, but the content has the same goal of attracting visitors.

There is also a difference between recycling content and repurposing it. Recycling can include small changes or edits, like updating keywords, to make content more relevant. Repurposing, meanwhile, is a major overhaul and can even change the medium the content is presented in.

The best place to start is with evergreen content, or content that will not become outdated and stay relevant for years. Seasonal content or updates to products are ways to quickly get spikes in traffic or limited attention. A blog about how to upload a WordPress plugin will stay relevant.

Another avenue to explore is your already high performing content. This content already has excellent keyword analysis, links, shares, organic visibility and more. You can find your high performing content using your analytics.

Next, it’s a good idea to see if customers have left any feedback on your content, like other articles they might want, content that answers questions that may have, or topics to explore further. Completing content like this means people will return to your website.

Finally, you should look at what your direct competitors are doing, as they are the ones you are fighting with to get the best search engine results. Check out what they are doing, and then create a better version.

Use Infographics

Recycle, Re-Use - How to Repurpose Content

Repurposing content doesn’t mean you have to take a blog post and completely rewrite it. Actually, you can take that content, which is still accurate, and turn it into another medium.

An infographic is an informative image that presents content in a visually interesting way. More than a simple picture, it explores how and why the content’s topic is important. They are also a top performing visual in search engine results.

Just adding an infographic to existing content that you have can drive more traffic to that specific post. Also, research has shown that people are more likely to like visual media like infographics, and share it with others.

Use Videos

Recycle, Re-Use - How to Repurpose Content

Reusing content also applies to videos.

Say you have a blog post from a year ago, and you want to reuse the content because it’s evergreen. By creating a video, you are giving people a new way to view the content or provide a walkthrough they can easily follow. Videos also boost traffic and attract more visitors, so they are worth the time to make.

Tackling SEO

Search engine optimization is incredibly important, as are the keywords that you use in your content. When it’s first written, your keywords may be the best options, but the SEO landscape can change quickly. If your chosen keywords fall out of popularity, you may see a dip in traffic.

Now, you can conduct more keyword research to make your content competitive again. This will help improve its rank in search results without being totally rewritten.

How to Repurpose Content: Final Thoughts

Recycle, Re-Use - How to Repurpose Content

Repurposing content is an excellent way to increase your web traffic easily without making major changes. You can create infographics or videos, or simply make edits to existing content to make the keywords more relevant.

Recycling and repurposing content is a simple step is improve your content overall, which matters to search engines. Simply decide which content to start with by looking at evergreen options, your competitors and what content was high performing.

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