7 Best WordPress Wishlist Plugins for eCommerce

Abigail Miller

In this blog, we take a look at the best WordPress wishlist plugins to enhance your eCommerce store.

7 Best WordPress Wishlist Plugins for eCommerce

The goal of every eCommerce store is to turn visitors into customers. One way to increase conversion rates is to let customers compile a wishlist.

A wishlist allows customers to come back to products they’ve bookmarked at a later date. There are several reasons why a shopper might want to make a wishlist.

They might not have the funds to make a purchase right away; they might want to compile a gift wishlist for a special occasion like a birthday or wedding, or they might just be enjoying a spot of virtual window shopping.

Whatever the reason, a wishlist is a useful function to have on your eCommerce store.

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The Best WordPress Wishlist Plugins

Discovering a Level’s ID in the Wishlist Member Plugin - Best WordPress Wishlist Plugins for eCommerce

So, without further ado, here’s our guide to the best wishlist plugins made for WordPress.

1. TI Wishlit

Made for WooCommerce, the leading eCommerce solution for WordPress, TI Wishlist allows users to create and manage wishlists with ease. Users can create unlimited wishlists which can then be shared across social media platforms, increasing your brands reach.

It gives eCommerce stores full control over the look and feel of the wishlists. It allows you to customize aesthetics like buttons and columns, to create wishlists that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your website.

The plugin also features integrated analytics so you can monitor how your customers interact with the feature and see your most liked products.

2. Docket

Docket - 7 Best WordPress Wishlist Plugins for eCommerce

Docket gives users the ability to create lists of their most loved products and then share them with the world.

This plugin encourages users to become members of your site, but it also provides options for those who don’t sign up. Guest users can store their wishlist collections for up to 30 days, while members can keep their wishlists indefinitely. Users can make their lists private or keep them public.

Docket is one of the best WordPress wishlist plugins in terms of modern, sleek design and responsive interface. The drag and drop features allows users to full customize their lists with ease.

3. Wishlist, Collection and Bookmark Plugin

The Wishlist, Collection and Bookmark Plugin is another great option. With this users can easily create and manage their personalized wishlist collections.

It comes with three types of list: public, private, and shared. Each one does as it says on the tin, allowing users to keep their lists private or share them for others too see.

While the plugin comes with pre-built wishlist templates, it offers you the freedom to overwrite these and create wishlists with your own design so that they perfectly fit the rest of your eCommerce store.

Removing a User from a Level - Best WordPress Wishlist Plugins for eCommerce

4. WooCommerce Wishlist from welaunch

Let your users create fabulous wishlists by adding WooCommerce Wishlist to your online store. WooCommerce Wishlist comes with a whole host of useful features that puts the power in your hands.

Users can sign up and login to your store to create their lists. Alternatively, you can enabled “Guest Mode” to allow non-registered users to make wishlists.

In addition, there are advanced customization options. WooCommerce Wishlist allows you to control every aspect of the aesthetic, including font and design styles. These enhanced features mean that wishlists will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your eCommerce store.

5. WooSmart

WooSmart is a little different from the other plugins listed here. Primarily a product catalog plugin, it also comes with a wishlist feature that makes it a contender in the battle of best WordPress wishlist plugins.

As part of the product catalog you can include a wishlist button, which allows your customers to easily add their favourite products to their own personal wishlist. Though not the main component of the WooSmart plugin, the wishlist feature is still as robust as the others in this list.

It gives you full control of the process and comes with some customization options.

Check if Wishlist Member User can View Current Post - Best WordPress Wishlist Plugins for eCommerce

6. WooCommerce Wishlist

Not to be confused with the welaunch plugin we talked about earlier, WooCommerce Wishlist is an entirely separate plugin for you to consider.

With this plugin you can choose how and where the wishlist is displayed on your site; allow logged in customers to share their wishlists on social media; and add products to their cart directly from the wishlist page.

7. Jumble

Jumble - 7 Best WordPress Wishlist Plugins for eCommerce

The final plugin for your consideration is Jumble.

Jumble comes with a unique feature that sets apart from competitors in the form of a ‘feature that allows you to add any post / page / custom post types that can be Bookmarked or added to a whishlist.’

This means that users can now bookmark any pages or posts that you like, compiling them into a personal wishlist.

Users can create an unlimited number of wishlists – which can be stored indefinitely if they sign up – and share them across social media. It makes for a well designed, easy to use plugin that will increase the functionality of your store.

The Best of the Best

And there you have it, the rundown of the 7 best WordPress wishlist plugins. Including a wishlist plugin in your store can improve the customer experience, provide advertising for your store, and increase traffic to your website. What more could you want?

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