How We Handle Feature Requests (And Why Our Customer Support Team Is Truly Awesome)

Ditsa Keren

One of the things we’re mostly proud of at CreativeMinds is our superb customer support team, who work around the clock to ensure that our customers are happy.

How We Handle Feature Requests (And Why Our Customer Support Team Is Truly Awesome)

And indeed, a significant portion of the feedback we receive from users is that apart from providing great products, what really makes us stand out above our competitors is our high responsiveness to customer requests, and for that we get a lot of recognition.

Here’s some of the things we do to make people happy…

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Regular Plugin Version Updates

The process of updating plugin versions is an ongoing focus at CreativeMinds.

As our community of customers continues to grow each month, we receive more and more feature requests for our different plugins, which give us a great insight of the needs and desires of WordPress developers, web entrepreneurs, and of course, WordPress bloggers.

How Our Customer support Team Handles Feature Requests

Regular Plugin Version Updates - How We Handle Feature Requests (And Why Our Customer Support Team Is Truly Awesome)

Obviously, we cannot make all dreams come true, nor can we provide all desired upgrades at once.

The reason being that if we try to stack too many new features on a single version update, we’re most likely to experience bugs, that will later on need to be fixed, in which case we cannot ensure that the plugin would work properly.

This is why we upgrade each of our plugins as often as every 2-3 weeks, while trying to prioritize the requests we receive according to their volume and popularity.

Lower volume requests get written down and are handled at a lower priority, so when the time comes that no major requests arrive -which does not happen very often- we still have something new to give our customers.

Adding New Features To Our Plugins

Normally, we would add a new feature when we notice an unusual amount of requests that all regard to a certain issue.

When that happens, we start a thorough research by contacting those customers directly, and trying to find out exactly what it is that they wish to achieve, and what functions they want to fulfill with the new feature they’ve requested.

We speak with a number of customers and gather up all the connecting points, and hand them over to our certified WordPress developers, who in turn go into the plugin servers and start doing their thing.

As a result, we always get excited responses.

What exactly do they do- we cannot tell, but lets just call it WordPress magic!

Got a Feature Request?

Our Customer support team would love to have your feedback! Contact us!

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