Get Forum User Notifications With the Questions & Answers Plugin

Ditsa Keren

This is an overview of the notification system for the Questions and Answers WordPress plugin.

Get Forum User Notifications With the Questions & Answers Plugin

This user notification feature allows users to follow threads and receive forum user notifications when new answers are posted. This forum user notifications feature allows users to better navigate the Q&A forums and get their answers quickly.

At first, only a user who has posted a question or an answer can follow a thread, but now following an discussion is available to anyone. Any user or admin can follow any thread, ask a question or post an answer. Forum user notifications are only available to people using the Questions & Answers plugin.

Forum User Notifications Features

This plugin includes several important features which will expand the notification system within the plugin:
1) Any user can follow a thread, even if he hasn’t posted anything.
2) Users can unsubscribe from receiving a notification about a specific thread. This can be done from the thread itself or from a user dashboard generated with the shortcode cma-followed.
3) We have also added an option to follow categories. Which means that a given user can subscribe to all threads posted within a specific category or sub-category.
4) Using the cma-categories shortcode shows a table with all the categories and sub-caegories with a link to follow / unfollow threads.

Examples of the cma-categories shortcode table - Get Forum User Notifications With the Questions & Answers Plugin

Examples of the cma-categories shortcode table

The Questions & Answers plugin for WordPress is a very popular, high quality forum plugin. This plugin has the ability to create a Q&A forum on any post or page and allow users to vote for the best answers, track logs and statistics and much more. This feature of forum user notifications only increases the level or communication within the users of the plugin.

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