Best SEO WordPress Plugins for Professionals

Courtney Jones

Search engine optimization (SEO) increases the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine. These are the best SEO WordPress plugins.

Best SEO WordPress Plugins for Professionals

There are billions of websites available on the Internet and the biggest source of traffic for them is coming from search engines. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is a major key to success for your website.

There is a wide variety of WordPress plugins that exist to help improve the overall search engine optimization of WordPress websites. These SEO WordPress plugins are user-friendly, affordable and do all the work for you. They also include features that make adapting content and research keywords as easy as clicking a few buttons.

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SEO WordPress plugins boost your SEO rankings by analyzing many different factors. These factors include image size, content readability, keywords, backlinks and much more. Plugins also provide recommendations for changes to improve SEO and tracks changes.

1) SEO Hound

There is a wide variety of WordPress plugins - Best SEO WordPress Plugins for Professionals in 2020

The SEO Keyword Hound Plugin by CreativeMinds is a fully streamlined keyword management tool that recommends which keywords to use based on how well your competitors are doing. There is also an 80-minute step-by-step video guide with the plugin to explain the setup, learn basic SEO and optimization strategies.

Choose your own search queries to target and optimize them, build a list of your top competitors, and create a keyword list by scanning competitors content. Keywords can then be grouped by variations like plurals and alternate spellings and the plugin provides keyword density, keyword quantity and keyword location among other things.

This SEO WordPress plugin is available as part of the All Access WordPress Plugin Bundle for $249, and includes 99+ plugins as well as future plugins and 1 year of full support and updates.

The SEO Hound provides tools for SEO beginners like a comprehensive documentation of all the settings and is ideal for those just starting out with keywords. There are features for more advanced users as well, such as a tailored keyword analysis, advanced keyword list tracking and the ability to constantly test, apply and adapt all of your SEO content.

2) RankMath

Rank Math is a good SEO WordPress option because it is integrated with Google Search Console, which allows you to view all your on-page SEO from the admin dashboard all in one place. Another nice feature is the ability to manage the meta tags for noindex, nofollow, and noarchive.

RankMath provides the admin with the errors that Google find on your web pages and in content so they can be changed or removed. The plugin also provides which keywords your website is ranking for, as well as the overall search impressions for keywords.

3) Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO - Best SEO WordPress Plugins for Professionals in 2020

Yoast SEO is the most well-known and popular WordPress SEO plugin, which is used by over five million websites. The Yoast SEO plugin is free from WordPress, although you can pay an $89 annual fee for upgrades like 24/7 support, page previews, internal linking suggestions and redirect management options.

Yoast SEO lets users add an SEO title, meta keywords and meta description for all post and pages. The plugin offers a detailed analysis of how to improve overall SEO by adding keywords to images, spreading out the keyword density, minimum content length placing the keyword in the URL and more.

4) SEO Squirrly

SEO Squirrly is an ideal SEO WordPress plugin for more beginner users. In addition, the plugin features a unique live SEO assistant feature, which allows users to input keywords that want to rank for, and the plugin suggests in real time how and where to add these keywords.

There is also a tool which allows for analyzing your competitor’s content, so you can figure out how to outrank them with similar keywords. A weekly SEO audit is provided as well, and so it a step-by-step guide on how to use the plugin and improve on page optimization overall.

5) Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker - Best SEO WordPress Plugins for Professionals in 2020

Links are a vital part of any website and this plugin exists to make sure that you are notified if any of them break. Search engine algorithms will penalize websites which have broken links which hurts SEO.

This plugin will identify a broken link either an internal link or an outbound link, and then make it easy for you to remove, edit, or change the broken link so it is no longer a problem. Broken Link Checker is user-friendly and available for free and has good support and ratings.

6) All in One SEO

All in One SEO is another top-rated SEO WordPress plugin, which is live on more than two million websites. It has a super user-friendly admin dashboard. The plugin is free, but the premium version is $57 per year and the business version is $107 per year for up to 10 websites.

All in One SEO is another great choice for beginners, small business owners, and bloggers. Users can create SEO for categories, custom taxonomies, and tags, as well as use the video SEO module, Google Analytics support and advanced canonical URLs.

BONUS: Outsourcing On-site SEO

BONUS: Outsourcing On-site SEO - Best SEO WordPress Plugins for Professionals in 2020

As we’ve seen, there working on SEO is not a trivial task. Even with the best SEO plugins, it still involves constant checks and revisions.

One alternative for this is to leave the SEO efforts on the hands of specialists. Check how to Hire SEO Experts – Boost Search Engine Optimization right now!


There are many different SEO WordPress plugins to choose from and many of them both high quality and available for free. However, the plugins in this list are geared towards working professionals, who have both a beginner and a more advanced understanding of SEO for WordPress.

Search engine optimization is constantly changing, so the keywords used in content and on web pages also need to be changed and adapted, in order to stay on the first page of a search engine. SEO plugins exist to make this process easier, by tracking the changes and making good SEO suggestions.

Having excellent SEO is vital to the success of your website, and the key is to choose the correct SEO WordPress plugin for your business. Make sure you can add relevant keywords, analyze competitor keywords, fix broken links and more so your content has the most chances of ending up in the top of a search engine result.

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