How AMZ Scout Transforms Amazon Selling

Abigail Miller

If you’re looking to establish a steady stream of income, a great way to achieve this is through Amazon.

How AMZ Scout Transforms Amazon Selling

That’s exactly what Jivan, an Indian born Amazon seller based in the US, decided to do in 2017. A freelance videographer, Jivan was looking for an additional source of income that would keep him afloat while he pursued his passion.

However, Jivan’s experience selling products through Amazon wasn’t always plain sailing. To begin with his venture floundered as he encountered a number of obstacles, but he was able to overcome them with helpful tools from AMZ Scout. This is Jivan’s story.

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The Challenge(s): Getting to Grips with Amazon Selling

How AMZ Scout Transforms Amazon Selling

The path to becoming a successful Amazon seller is not always straightforward. For Jivan, like for most new Amazon sellers, the challenge was threefold:

1. Finding the perfect products to make a profit

2. Fully understanding the selling process

3. Finding reliable suppliers

When starting out, Jivan assumed that selling on Amazon would be straightforward. With little knowledge of the platform, Jivan believed that if he ordered products and listed them on Amazon, the platform would take care of the rest. He soon learned that this isn’t the case.

Below dives into deeper detail on the major problems that Jivan faced. They’re not just unique to him – many people who are new to Amazon selling face these same challenges.

1. Finding the Perfect Products to Make a Profit

How AMZ Scout Transforms Amazon Selling

Jivan selected his first products in the Health and Personal Care category. He had seen that they were selling well and it seemed like the perfect business model. He placed an order of 500 units with the hopes of selling them through Amazon, but before he could start he was notified that the products were patented – meaning he wasn’t able to sell them.

At the time, Jivan didn’t even know what a patent was. This brings us on to the second issue that Jivan faced.

2. Fully Understanding the Selling Process

Jivan knew little when he started his Amazon selling endeavor.

One of the major issues he faced was logistics, and this led him to losing money. In the beginning, he wasn’t aware that he could send goods from his supplier directly to Amazon. Instead he had his incoming inventory sent to his house, which he would then send on to Amazon. Double the shipping meant double the cost.

Jivan attributes his lack of knowledge to the scarcity of resources and tools for Amazon sellers back in 2017. He describes how it was much harder to find good, helpful resources that taught even the basics of Amazon selling. Jivan simply had to go it alone – and encountered big obstacles along the way.

3. Finding Reliable Suppliers

Despite living in the US, Jivan opted to sell his products in Amazon’s Japanese market. While quality is important no matter where you choose to sell, for Jivan it was imperative because Japanese buyers often have even higher standards for their purchases. Any minor defect can result in complaints which can have a detrimental effect for your reputation.

To begin with, Jivan was unsure where to find reliable suppliers. He turned to Alibaba, the most popular place to source products. However, he still found it incredibly difficult to find a good, reliable supplier.

All three of these challenges were a real headache for Jivan, who had assumed that selling with Amazon would be a simple process. These growing pains were alleviated, however, when Jivan found AMZ Scout.

The Plan: Leverage AMZ Scout’s Tools

How AMZ Scout Transforms Amazon Selling

Here’s how AMZ Scout’s Tools were able to help Jivan face, and overcome, his biggest obstacles as an Amazon seller.

1. Finding the Perfect Products to Make a Profit Using the Pro Extension

One of AMZ Scout’s biggest and best features is the Pro Extension. A handy extension for Google Chrome, the Pro Extensions helps you to find the best product opportunities for turning a profit on Amazon.

So, how does it work?

Simply install the extension on your Chrome browser, and you’re good to go. It will work on any page of Amazon – click on the AMZ Scout Pro Extension tool icon at the top of your browser to see product analytics.

The ‘Suggest Niche’ button is particularly useful when you’re trying to source new product types to sell. The niche finder helps you find products with a high Opportunity Score, meaning a high chance of profitability.

Using this tool enabled Jivan to find a new niche. It encouraged him to move from the Health and Personal Care category to the Home and Garden niche, a move that proved to be very successful for him – more on that later.

AMZ Scouts’ handy Google Chrome Pro Extension is a great tool to help Amazon sellers find new products and niches that enable sellers to expand their horizons. It’s incredibly straightforward to use – and you can even sign up for a free trial of this tool before opting to invest in the premium package.

2. Fully Understanding the Selling Process

Jivan’s next challenge – fully getting to grips with Amazon’s selling process – was aided by AMZ Scout’s high quality resources, including masterclasses from 7-figure Amazon sellers.

While AMZ Scout has a catalog of YouTube videos that can help you learn the basics for free, the premium package offers more in depth content from sellers who have really walked the walk. Premium masterclass resources include learning how to make $20,000 a month in 5 simple steps and how to triple your existing sales.

Knowledge picked up from these resources helped Jivan truly understand how to use Amazon, setting him on the course to earn a steady passive income while focusing on his other passions.

3. Finding Reliable Suppliers

Finally, AMZ Scout was able to improve Jivan’s selling process by connecting him with reliable suppliers.

Jivan had the right idea when he turned to Alibaba in search of suppliers, but without help it can still be difficult to connect with reliable sources. AMZ Scout helps to solve this problem by helping you to identify the best suppliers on Alibaba.

The tool enables you to compare suppliers directly – examining their rating and business activity – so you can make an informed decision on who to work with.

Now, Jivan mostly works directly with his product’s manufacturers, but will occasionally work with wholesale traders when needed.

The Result of Using AMZ Scout

How AMZ Scout Transforms Amazon Selling

So, with the help of AMZ Scout, Jivan has been able to smooth out what started as a rocky venture on Amazon. Jivan has been able to find success in the Home and Kitchen niche, selling to the Japanese market where he is based.

Jivan has been so pleased with his success that he now helps fellow budding entrepreneurs through his YouTube channel. He creates his own courses for beginner Amazon sellers, sharing his tips and advice on how to become successful on the platform.

Due to his experience with AMZ Scout, Jivan recommends it to anyone who wants to make money selling products through Amazon. While you shouldn’t jump into it expecting to become a millionaire overnight, Jivan emphasizes that it’s more than possible to create a solid source of income as your venture grows.

To find out more about the tools that AMZ Scout have an offer, visit the website.

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