7 Tips to MASTER WooCommerce - From Basic To Advanced

Courtney Jones

Get to grips with WordPress’ very own eCommerce builder: WooCommerce.

7 Tips to MASTER WooCommerce – From Basic To Advanced

Are you looking to create an e-commerce store? There are a few ways to accomplish this, but one of the best ways is to use WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress which allows users to create an e-commerce store within WordPress.

WordPress is the largest and most popular content management system online and the best way to create a website online.

However, WooCommerce takes things a step further and allows users to take a WordPress website and turn it into a fully functioning e-commerce store.

WooCommerce is a popular choice for creating an e-commerce store for many reasons. Woocommerce is free, open-source software so someone can go in and modify the code. WooComerce is also mobile-friendly, integrates easily with tons of WordPress plugins and themes, and it’s also a very secure plugin.

There are many ways to create a successful WooCommerce store, and here are some helpful tips to help you master WooCommerce. It’s important to purchase WordPress hosting, install both WordPress and WooCommerce, add the best themes and plugins, optimize your images and more.

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1) Get WordPress Hosting

Get WordPress Hosting - 7 Tips to MASTER WooCommerce - From Basic To Advanced

WordPress hosting is the best way to get a permanent Internet address and secure your domain name for your ecommerce website. WordPress hosting can cost as low as $10 per month and can be paid yearly as well.

2) Install WordPress

Once you have secured WordPress hosting, it is time to install WordPress. Using a WordPress host also makes installing WordPress simple, since it is usually as simple as just two or three clicks of a button.

Some hosts even take care of installing for you.

3) Install WooCommerce

After installing WordPress, you can basically build your e-commerce website from the ground up. First, install the WooCommerce plugin and complete the user-friendly setup instructions to create the basics of your store.

You can go through the settings and decide exactly what features and plugins you want for your business. Decide what works for your business or exactly how you want to express your products or services before moving forward.

4) Install Themes

Install Themes - 7 Tips to MASTER WooCommerce - From Basic To Advanced

Next up is choosing a theme. A WordPress theme basically sets the tone for your entire e-commerce store. The theme determines the entire look and feel, from the colors to the margins to the text content and how the images appear.

There are thousands of themes to choose from, both free and premium, so it’s a good idea to do some research and find a theme that is right for you and your business. Also, changing out or switching themes is also a simple task.

5) Addons That Integrate With WooCommerce

The addons included below all connect CreativeMinds with the WooCommerce cart system for easy use and integration. All of these addons also have prerequisite plugins, cost so keep that in mind. All of these addons have added functionality and user-friendly features with plenty of documentation.

Answers Payment Support Addon

The Answers Payment Support Addon from CreativeMinds is a simple way to add payment support to the Answers plugin. This means that users are required o pay a set fee before being able to post a question or an answer.

The admin can set the cost that the user must pay in the settings in the backend of the plugin. The entire payment system is based on the WooCommerce cart system. This addon is available for $29 for one website and $59 for up to five websites.

Download Manager Payment Addon

Download Manager Payment Addon - 7 Tips to MASTER WooCommerce - From Basic To Advanced

The Download Manager Payment Addon for WordPress is a great way to support adding payments to specific or individual downloads. The plugin uses the WooCommerce cart system and requires users to pay a fee before being allowed to download the file or files are looking for.

This specific addon is available for $29 for one website and $59 for up to five websites. The prerequisite plugin is the Download Manager Pro, which allows for easy file downloading via WordPress.

Booking Calendar Payment Addon

The Booking Calendar Payment Addon is a helpful way to support payments for setting up appointments using a booking calendar. This plugin offers over fifty different payment gateways and is fully based on the WooCommerce cart system.

The prerequisite plugin is the Booking Calendar plugin from CreativeMinds. The price for this addon is $29 for one website and $59 for up to five websites, as well as one year of support and updates. The admin can also set prices and automatic reminders.

Registration Payment Support Addon

The Registration Payment Support Addon from CreativeMinds is a good way to add payment options to the registration plugin for individual invitation codes. The prerequisite plugin is CM Registration and Invitation Codes plugin.

The payment support for this plugin is based on the WooCommerce cart system. This plugin is available for $29 for one website and $59 for up to five websites, including a year of full support and updates.

TIP: Check all CM plugins with WooCommerce Integration.

6) Invest in Promotions

Invest in Promotions - 7 Tips to MASTER WooCommerce - From Basic To Advanced

Humans are attracted to shiny deals, it’s a fact. So prepare special promotions bundling best and worst-selling products, prepare holidays and seasonal sales. Be sure to entice your customers to buy more

And then anything goes: create catchy banners, promote affiliate programs and invest on Facebook or Google Ads. Show your promotion to the world!

7) Don’t Leave Customers With Questions

If a customer doesn’t understand a product or service, there is no reason for him to buy it. It’s just risky.

Be sure to clarify every possible question. You can do so live, via chat or social media, for instance, or preemptively.

Build a FAQ page with the most asked questions and make it really easy for your customers to find it.


Conclusion - 7 Tips to MASTER WooCommerce - From Basic To Advanced

Building a successful e-commerce store with WooCommerce is not a difficult task, and these tips are a great way to master WooCommerce and find business success. Using WordPress and WooCommerce are your best chances of finding the biggest audience and increasing your reach exponentially.

Completing tasks, like downloading and installing plugins and themes, optimizing images, and installing updates are a great way to build a good foundation for your success and keep progressing for the future.

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