Our 5 Favorite Sources to Find WordPress Themes

Nathan Orr

Your theme plays a vital part in your website, so it’s essential to know the best places to find WordPress themes.

Our 5 Favorite Sources to Find WordPress Themes

Here at CreativeMinds we’re accustomed to getting a lot of questions about how to find WordPress themes, and understandably so.

Just think about it.

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There are thousands of themes to choose from, and that’s before you even begin looking outside of the WordPress marketplace. Not to mention, the theme you choose plays a vital part in how your website looks and operates.

Couple these two factors together, and you’ve got an important decision on your hands that’s not very simple to make. But don’t worry, because it’s true that a good thing is easier to find when you know where to look.

And, after years of working with WordPress themes we know exactly where to find them—and we’re happy to share!

But before we get into our favorite websites to find WordPress themes, let’s recap on what these themes actually do.

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What Exactly are WordPress Themes?

WordPress themes are the control center of your website’s visual design.

The theme you choose essentially determines the appearance of your website’s entire graphical interface. From the page layouts of your blog posts, to the menus and sidebar widgets you use to enhance your site, the theme you choose is behind it all.

What Exactly are WordPress Themes? - Creative Minds Blog

Themes are created by both WordPress’ development team, and other third-party developers, meaning there is an incredible variety out there. On that note, themes are often specially designed to match kinds of websites you’ll find online, and many are customizable.

Of course, the plentiful nature of themes mean that some are poorly designed. Though the best of them are made to be very user-friendly, and allow even novice users to manage beautiful websites.

But Don’t Forget…

Create a Website Backup before Changing Themes

It’s important to note that changing a theme can cause unforeseen compatibility problems with the existing setup of your website. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to read any theme guides before installation to check for potential problems.

Website Backup before Changing Themes - Creative Minds Blog

Remember: It pays to be safe. Save a backup of your website’s current version before permanently changing the theme, just in case. This is also an excellent rule-of-thumb for any future planned plugin installations as well.

Excellent Websites to find WordPress Themes

Every one of these tried and true websites holds a fantastic selection of stunning theme designs to choose from. Each website also offers their own unique picks, so take your time when browsing to find WordPress themes that best match your needs.

WordPress theme find - Creative Minds Blog

1. WordPress.org Theme Marketplace

This may seem a little like a no-brainer place to find WordPress themes, so let’s talk about it first.

Most WordPress theme searches start right at the source, the WordPress.org theme directory. Boasting over 5000+ themes, and still growing, this marketplace has exceptional free and premium themes for websites of all kinds.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a theme from this source is that WordPress meticulously reviews each theme submission. This market has strict guidelines that themes need to adhere to, meaning a product found here will certainly be of quality.

2. Themeforest Themes

When searching around Google for WordPress themes, this is a name you’ll see pop-up again and again.

If you thought 5,000 themes was impressive, then get ready for Themeforest to blow your expectations out of the water. At the time of this post, there are currently 41,322 premium WordPress themes in the Themeforest marketplace. The focus on premium themes does mean all choices here require purchase, though prices vary anywhere between $2 to $1000.

Part of Envato, Themeforest hosts some of the most popular themes found on WordPress. It also features an intuitive site layout for users to easily find the themes they need, and has curated selections.

Still, due to the sheer volume of themes available, it’s a smart practice to review the developer provided update logs and documentation once you find WordPress themes you are interested in before making any purchases.

3. MOJO WordPress Marketplace

Not exclusive to WordPress themes alone, MOJO Marketplace offers software products for a range of content management systems.

Of course, as they’re on this list, MOJO has a WordPress theme marketplace with highly reviewed and manually submitted themes. In other words, each theme submitted is considered against strict design and coding standards before being made available for purchase.

This highly-scrutinized selection naturally means less choices to pick from, but does include some of the highest quality themes around. This market also sells WordPress plugins, along with design and development services for WordPress websites.

(You can see WordPress support services we offer here)

4. Themify Themes

Themes you can modify. This user-experience focused marketplace offers drag & drop WordPress themes that make website design straightforward, without the need for coding.

Themify’s dedicated WordPress marketplace has categories for a variety of pre-set website designs that you can further modify. From personal blogs, to Ecommerce webstores, to mouth-watering restaurant websites, there’s something here suited for most any user.

It’s Worth Noting: While originally dedicated to website templates and designs, Themify has since branched out into WordPress plugins that complement their themes.

5. WooCommerce Themes

Stores use WooCommerce - Creative Minds Blog

WooCommerce is a renowned name in the WordPress community for being a powerhouse developer of popular WordPress plugins and themes.

This WordPress titan created the most-used Ecommerce plugin around, and offers their own WordPress website designs within their theme marketplace.

Their main theme, called Storefront, is offered for free and has been downloaded by over 2.1 million users to date. What’s especially interesting about this theme, however, is that their store sells ample extensions for Storefront to enable incredible customization options.

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