5 Topics for Online Courses 2024

Nathan Orr

In recent years, the number of students enrolling in online classes has increased significantly. The internet offers an abundance of resources readily available with just a few clicks, making it highly accessible for potential students.

5 Topics for Online Courses 2023

Thanks to online courses you can learn from anywhere with an internet connection, at your own pace. There are tons of engaging materials and ways to learn, like videos and quizzes. It’s not just about studying alone – online communities make it social and fun to learn together.

But what does it look like from the perspective of a person who wants to create a course? What should you teach online? How to create an eLearning website? In this blog post, we’ll answer these three questions and more!

eLearning in 2024

It’s only natural that eLearning is growing so rapidly. Because of this, people who are passionate about teaching are able to easily share what they know, and audiences can quickly find the material they want.

Plus, due to the countless number of courses being created all the time, there are eLearning subjects for virtually everything.

From a business perspective, eLearning is an exploding industry. This means for anyone interested in creating their own eLearning business website, now is a great time to get started!

All you need to start is a platform to build your website with, and the right eLearning subject for your class material.

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Building an eLearning Website with WordPress

5 Topics for Online Courses 2024

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, so it goes without saying that many eLearning websites are built with it.

However, when installed by itself, WordPress is a platform focused on blogging and other written forms of content. To add the features necessary for an eLearning course – like student memberships and educational site tools – WordPress plugins are required.

For Example: In order to facilitate the process of creating an eLearning platform you can pick a plugin like the eLearning WordPress plugin by CreativeMinds.

It’s a versatile tool designed to simplify the creation and categorization of online courses within WordPress.

With this plugin, educators and content creators can effortlessly build engaging courses by leveraging its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. It allows for easy organization of course materials as well as structuring and presenting content.

The eLearning WordPress plugin offers customization options, enabling instructors to tailor the look and feel of their courses to suit their branding or teaching style, while creating dynamic online courses efficiently and effectively, enhancing the experience for both instructors and learners.

Popular eLearning Subjects

5 Topics for Online Courses 2024

After creating your website and installing the WordPress plugin for creating online courses, it’s time to pick a subject and build your first lesson. When it comes to viable eLearning subjects, the possibilities are endless.

By providing unique insights, coaching, or a different educational approach that people appreciate, you can deliver valuable information to students and also earn revenue while doing so. Essentially, if people are interested enough in a topic, then sustainable eLearning courses can be created from them.

To find some inspiration for your own website’s educational material, here are some of the most popularly discussed, and demanded, eLearning subjects.

1. Developing Workplace Soft Skills

When looking at modern offices, workplace management, team performance, and a business’ general ability to solve problems depends on employees who are capable in multiple areas. In other words, a set of core workplace soft skills are becoming increasingly required.

Skills like the ability to collaborate well in person and online, to lead and communicate clearly, to navigate business technologies, as well as understand the role-specific tasks of the employee’s position.

LinkedIn Learning reports that soft skills are becoming more valuable to workplace professionals, and eLearning courses that help refine them are a great way to meet that demand.

2. Time and Life Management Coaching

5 Topics for Online Courses 2024

Both employers and employees are becoming more conscious of how mental and physical health affects productivity. Many workplace designs are shifting to improve employee comfort, and eLearning courses are also rising to the occasion.

Ample courses in this category focus on developing habits that help people get closer to a happier lifestyle. For instance, Making Minutes is centered around pulling a few extra minutes out of the day, thinking healthier, more positive thoughts, and minimizing time-wasting habits with thought exercises.

Of course, managing one’s life better is a broad goal, and so there are tons of eLearning subjects and approaches to address this universally shared problem.

Not to mention, this topic is dynamic and something that can’t ever be completely perfected. As the world and its technologies change, the way people adapt to it must change as well.

But this just means there are additional opportunities for eLearning courses to explore and offer new, more appropriate, solutions.

3. Understanding and Applying Big Data

From online analytics, to IoT sensor integration, big data has arrived with a bang and is here to stay.

Recent technological innovations have made it so that businesses are amassing exponentially more data than they could just decades ago. Today, this influx of information is opening brand new avenues of opportunity in business intelligence and workplace planning.

As the dust settles, more businesses are appreciating the value of the massive shift in data capabilities, and there’s a growing need for data experts. eLearning classes that teach students how to read, evaluate, and apply modern data to innovate new solutions are growing more valuable than ever.

4. Making the most of Mobile

5 Topics for Online Courses 2024

Website designers and online marketers have long understood the need to pay attention to people using mobile devices. After all, mobile browsing is becoming the preferred means of internet access for an increasing number of people.

eLearning courses surrounding the world of mobile devices are massive as well.

From classes in reaching audiences by harnessing the advantages of mobile marketing integration, to how to better manage employees with company mobile systems, and even lessons on how to better educate the huge market of people that use mobile devices for learning.

There are also lots of courses dedicated to mobile app development. This domain grows every day, so this is a huge area for teaching mobile app programmers, designers, and even screenwriters when it comes to creating games.

5. Micro-Learning Courses

This one is last on the list since it isn’t so much an eLearning subject as it is an eLearning style. Still, micro-learning is too relevant in eLearning right now to not be mentioned in this list.

One of the fastest growing areas of the eLearning industry in recent years, micro-learning is about teaching bite-sized lessons quickly. The teaching method is gaining significant traction, with the term being googled twice as much when compared to last year.

This approach allows students to select lessons most applicable to their immediate situation. In turn, learning seems more relevant, interesting, and motivating as students better appreciate the immediate need for their lessons.

The idea is that micro-learning increases engagement in coursework has higher end results, and is more likely to spark additional educational pursuits. Regardless of the actual course topics, micro-learning is an applicable style to many varieties of eLearning subjects.


The topics we’ve covered in this blog post are some of the most popular in eLearning right now, but that doesn’t mean that’s all there is.

If there’s something to be taught and others are willing to learn, through WordPress, any dedicated person can create an eLearning course about it.

For any WordPress users looking to include video lessons in their eLearning course, feel free to check out the above plugin. It’s designed to empower a video-based learning environment, with included analytics, quizzes, and certificate features.

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