5 Methods To Improve Your Search Traffic Conversion

Courtney Jones

With millions of sites on the web, it’s essential that users can find you easily. This can be done with search engine optimization.

5 Methods To Improve Your Search Traffic Conversion

Having a customer visit your website is great. But having a customer actually buy from you is the goal. This is done through a process called conversion. A conversion is when a customer purchases a product.

Search Traffic Conversion

Conversion is the end of a user’s buying journey on your website. Once a purchase has been made, a customer is much more likely to return to your website and make a purchase, leave a review, or recommend the website to others.

Conversion happens every time a customer completes an action on your website, from searching a term, to clicking through to the next page, and purchasing. Getting that customer to your website happens through SEO, but traffic conversion is improved by your website.

Your website traffic conversion is the rate at which customers who visit your website end up making a purchase. Customers decide to make a purchase based on your content, products, user experience, reviews and much more.

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There are several ways that your website can increase your traffic conversion. Many of them are simple fixes to better explain to the customer how your products or services can easily fulfill the need they have.

Many of these ways to increase your search traffic conversion include things like keyword research, content optimization and link building. However, all of these changes also need to result in sales from customers, not just visitors.

1. Prioritize Content For User Intent

Prioritize Content For User Intent - 5 Methods To Improve Your Search Traffic Conversion

Why is a customer visiting your website? Identifying a customer’s intent is key to providing the product or service they need. A user will know if your website can provide the solution the see through its content.

One of the most important content changes you can make it improving your keyword content. Check how your keywords are ranking, and make adjustments, like include better ranking keywords, without keyword stuffing your content.

Also, customers are more likely to make a purchase if other customers have provided testimonials, or their own experience. In addition, using words like price or buy now provide clarity and intent without users having to hunt for the information.

Keywords you can add to content should also address your customer’s needs. Most people research before making a purchase, and it’s a good idea to direct them to your website through keywords.

Including informational boxes or keywords related to getting information about certain products, as well as transactions and where the customer can go to buy them will help bring traffic to your website.

2. Optimize Content With Targeted Branding

Optimize Content With Targeted Branding - 5 Methods To Improve Your Search Traffic Conversion

Another way to optimize your content to improve search traffic conversion is by using branded search terms. Some keywords, or search terms, have a low volume, but can still be optimized for sales.

Customers search for branded terms also tells sellers that they know what they are looking for to purchase or get information on. They are no longer researching and are looking to buy to fill their need.

Optimizing these are a lower priority, but still bring in customers who are expecting to make purchases. Sometimes a simple landing page or a call to action button is all that’s needed.

3. Engage in Lead Nurturing

Engage in Lead Nurturing - 5 Methods To Improve Your Search Traffic Conversion

Sometimes customers are not ready to purchase, but they are looking to browse or see what solutions may be out there. These customers might visit your website but they aren’t looking to buy.

Your website can still nurture them into an eventual purchase, but it just takes some patience. Nurturing a lead is a way to engage with customers on multiple channels over time, to encourage a purchase.

It’s easy to use your website data to encourage the customer to make a sale based on what pages they visited, their location or any products they placed in a shopping cart.

Websites can send emails to customers about abandoned carts to encourage a purchase. But, your approach doesn’t have to be a sales pitch.

4. Provide Content Upgrades

Provide Content Upgrades - 5 Methods To Improve Your Search Traffic Conversion

Once a customer comes across your content, it’s important that you give them a reason to stay on the page or learn more about your products. Most of the time your website will draw organic traffic from upgrades you make to content.

Content upgrades can include things like updating blogs to attract more customers. This can be done with long form content, high quality images, and call out boxes. In addition, lead forms should be higher or more visible.

5. Make Double Opt-Ins Simple and Effective

Opt-ins are an excellent way to create a loyal customer base. This can be done by having customers supply their email address to get relevant content or updates. This issue is that bots or spam can overtake the opt-ins.

The best way to avoid this is by creating a double opt-in, or make each customer confirm that subscription. Making the customer open an email and then go to a new page in order to confirm the subscription.

Anyone who wants to opt-in to your content will complete the double opt-in and anyone who isn’t a real person will be unable to do so. It’s also an added security check for your website.


Conclusion - 5 Methods To Improve Your Search Traffic Conversion

Leads are incredibly valuable to a website, but creating search traffic conversion is a bit of a detailed plan. There are several ways to bring customers to your website without making huge changes to your website overall.

However, you should put in the work to research your keywords, branded search terms, and the user experience of your website to increase your search traffic conversion. Focus on providing a solution to your customer’s problem.

Additionally, target keywords that are relevant but have a lower search volume. This means the people searching those terms will find your website and make purchases, and you won’t be fighting tough competition.

Nurturing customers will also providing conversions, as you are staying with the customer on their buyer journey, even when they are sure of the purchase they need to make. Also, providing double opt-ins means your customers will get your updates.

Finally, content upgrades are important, as search term volume changes, so do customers and their needs. Upgrading content keeps it relevant to the customers and brings in sales.

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