5 Essential WordPress Trends for 2024

Nathan Orr

2019 proved to be an insanely busy year for the world’s most popular content management system, and 2020 will be no different.

5 Essential WordPress Trends for 2020

At the beginning of 2019, WordPress rolled out it’s major 5.0 version upgrade. Most notably, the update introduced block-based webpage editing through the Gutenberg editor to provide a more intuitive website building experience.

That new tool, alongside a slew of additional features, made version 5.0 one of WordPress’ biggest updates in years. Since then, the platform has continued to grow and is evolving ever still.

Not to mention the countless new and updated versions of WordPress plugins that extend the core features of the platform.

But now that’s all in the past, and users are shifting attention toward what WordPress trends to expect in 2020. After all, to optimize any website’s performance on WordPress, preparing for the platform’s upcoming changes and enhancement opportunities can be just as important as anticipating market behavior.

With that all said, here’s 5 of the WordPress trends that promise to be the most impactful next year.

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5 Top WordPress Trends in 2020

5 Top WordPress Trends in 2020 - 5 Essential WordPress Trends for 2020

1. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence

This first WordPress trend is a big one, and one you’ve probably heard about all over the place. But that’s for good reason.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the biggest technological game changer that humanity has seen in a long time, and it’s grown to a point where websites of all kinds are gaining huge returns from the abilities it provides.

In fact, according to a survey by MindTree, 77% of organizations have already implemented some A.I. technologies into their workplaces. However, many of them end up losing out when hastily or waywardly implementing A.I., so understanding and planning is important.

But the specifications of implementation aside, when used properly, A.I. empowers websites with amazing new capabilities. For instance:

Deep Insights with Website Analytics that uncover new possibilities for improvement

Automation and streamlining of daily processes for faster workflows and reduced operational costs

Behavior tracking for better marketing campaign targeting and customer recommendations

It’s guaranteed that more websites will expand their use of A.I.-based features. Meaning, to remain competitive with your own online efforts, your website will need to begin looking toward A.I. implementation too.

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2. The Use of Multipurpose Themes

The Use of Multipurpose Themes - 5 Essential WordPress Trends for 2020

WordPress themes influence and style of your website’s layout, and they have been around since the beginning of the platform. Multi-purpose themes, however, include customizations and integrated plugins alongside their web design features—and they’re increasing use makes them another top 2020 WordPress trend.

These themes can operate across a large number of independent websites, which makes them a favorite for large organizations that want to enhance their business development by managing multiple sites at the same time.

There are also many different and versatile multipurpose themes around, all with their own unique website templates and features. Whether an organization is looking to create a fully-functional corporate website, an Ecommerce storefront, a business portfolio page, or simply a blogging site, multipurpose themes specially designed for those roles are available and ready to get the job done.

3. Integration of Live Chat and Chat Bots

Integration of Live Chat and Chat Bots - 5 Essential WordPress Trends for 2020

Chat windows are handy tools that allow organizations to provide immediate support to their customers at any time. You’ve probably noticed a lot more chatbots and live support windows when browsing around online, and maybe have even come to interact with them.

They’re great for answering frequently asked questions, acquiring help requests, and learning more about your customer’s behavior. They also have a tendency to increase user engagement on webpages and enhance the user-experience of visiting customers.

In fact, according to Facebook’s 2018 Chatbot guide, 73% of customers preferred to interact with businesses through live chat software, while 40% of millennial aged users say they use chat bots on a near-daily basis.

Seeing numbers like these, it’s no wonder chat bot and live chat features are becoming a top 2020 WordPress trend.

4. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization - 5 Essential WordPress Trends for 2020

For decades websites have been careful to cater their content and back-end management toward Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) practices to rank higher with search-engines like Google.

But now more and more people are coming to use voice-assistant features to perform online searches, and that’s changing things.

Whether through their mobile devices with features like the iPhone’s Siri, or with home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, the use of voice-based searches has risen exponentially year-over-year. By 2020, this is expected to be a top WordPress trend that countless organizations will try to capitalize on. In fact, according to this study, by then 30% of all web browsing session will be performed without a screen.

This has organizations shifting from focusing on SEO alone and putting some much needed attention toward Voice Search Optimization. After all, it’s plain enough to see that if a business doesn’t begin catering to customer voice searches for their products and services, they’ll end up being ignored by a huge portion of voice search-reliant consumers.

5. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality - 5 Essential WordPress Trends for 2020

Virtual reality (VR) technology has been growing rapidly in recent years, and now WordPress enabled VR content on their websites.

From uploading fully 360-degree images, to interactive 3-dimensional videos, websites have a new world of media-based opportunities at their disposal. Especially if they’re websites that depend largely upon visual media to represent their products and services. And these first examples of implementation are only the beginning.

The VR industry is expected to explode between now and 2024, meaning effective early-adopters of this WordPress trend could gain a notable competitive advantage.

WordPress Support to Succeed in 2020

WordPress is a dynamic, ever-changing platform, though maximizing its potential requires constant upkeep and improvements.

Staying on top of industry and platform trends is critical to succeed in the competitive online marketplace, and it isn’t a simple task. But when done correctly, the returns organizations will see have the potential to scale their business to new heights.

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