3 Extensions to Manage Magento Orders Efficiently (2024)

Abigail Miller

The ability to manage Magento orders is essential for any eCommerce store. These extensions make the job quick and easy.

3 Extensions to Manage Magento Orders Efficiently (2022)

The following list includes some popular extensions for Magento 2 that help to manage orders. With affordable pricing and excellent support options, the extensions featured here are great options for Magento stores of all types.

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1. True Edit Orders Extension for Magento 2

True Edit Orders Extension for Magento 2 - Top 3 Extensions to Manage Orders Efficiently in Magento in 2024

Saving time is the name of the game with the True Edit Orders Extension from CreativeMinds. So how does it work?

The True Edit Orders Extension allows admins to easily manage orders by edit existing ones. Any part of the order can easily be changed with the click of a button – including items, quantity, and shipping method. This means that if something needs to be changed on an order, there’s no need to delete the whole thing and start over.

In addition, all notes are automatically saved when editing an order, meaning there’s no need to worry about tracking changes as you go. The extension ensures transparency at every step and nothing gets lost in the changes.

The True Edit Orders Extension eliminates duplicate orders upon editing, reducing issues between Magento, CSRs, fulfillment systems, credit card processing and accounting

Pricing and Support

There are multiple pricing options available for the True Edit Orders Extension. These range from $199 for the Magento Community Platform to $499 for the Magento Enterprise Platform with CIM included. The one you choose will depend on your individual business needs.

Whichever package you need, you can rest assured that you’ll get the support you need. The extension comes with 12 months free support from the experts at CreativeMinds.

2. Fooman Mass Order Manager

Fooman Mass Order Manager - Top 3 Extensions to Manage Orders Efficiently in Magento in 2024

If you’re working with bulk orders, then you may need the Mass Order Manager Extension from Fooman. It’s one of the top rated extensions for advanced order management in Magento 2, helping to simplify and streamline the process of managing orders.

The unique selling point of this extension is the clean and simple Order Overview Screen, which allows you to edit orders in bulk. You can change order statuses and even send out mass invoices with just one click. It takes managing mass orders from climbing a mountain to a gentle stroll through the park.

Pricing and Support

Fooman’s Order Manager extension is available for $99. Fooman offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you change your mind within that time you will receive a full refund.

In terms of support, the friendly team at Fooman are on hand to lend a hand if you need help through their website.

3. Magento 2 Order Status Extension from Amasty

Top 3 Extensions to Manage Orders Efficiently in Magento in 2024

The team at Amasty make well made, helpful extensions, and the Order Status Extension for Magento 2 is no exception. It’s proved to be a highly rated and popular extension for managing orders. As the name suggests, it’s all about order statuses.

So what do you get with this extension? Well, features include the ability to create custom order statuses, automatic notifications for customers when an orders status changes, the ability to sort and filter orders by status, and so much more.

Pricing and Support

This extension is priced at $139. The team at Amasty offer 12 month support with your purchase, so you can choose which best suits you. They provide excellent tech support and development expertise. This ensures that you get the most out of your experience.

Finding the Right Extensions To Help Manage Orders

Finding the Right Extensions To Help Manage Orders - Top 3 Extensions to Manage Orders Efficiently in Magento in 2024

Having an order management extension is a great time saver for any Magento user. What works best for you depends entirely on your business needs. The extensions listed here are just a taste of what’s available to you as a Magento user. We advise that you shop around to find what’s best for your online store.

Sometimes it’s best to speak to an expert before you make a purchase, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with the CreativeMinds team for friendly and professional advice.

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