What's The Best Magento Store Locator Extension?

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If your business is both online and IRL, you need the best Magento store locator to help customers find you.

What’s The Best Magento Store Locator Extension?

Have you ever shopped with a store that has both an online presence and a brick and mortar location? To find them, was there a section in the About Us or Find Us Near You tab that contained an integrated Google Maps application? This application pulls in Google Maps and displays the Magento store address and information.

Then, you can even click through and go directly to Google Maps to get directions and other useful information. If your company has both an online and offline business model, even as just an office space it is vitally important to show it off in a compelling and professional way.

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What is the value of a store locator extension?

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You can increase conversion because future clients will inherently trust you more based on the professional nature of the application. Clients like ease of obtaining information.

Well-crafted store location extensions are specifically build to provide detailed information about the store to provide a sense of safety to the customer.

Why safety? Well, customers feel safer when they know there is a physical place they could go, rather than a moldy basement of a drop-shipper.

You can also increase in-store sales through local pickup to avoid delivery charges and bring the customers into the

So, if you are convinced the next question boils down to which extension to use. Free? Paid? Monthly Price? Installation Issues? Before you answer that question you need to know what to look for in a store locator extension.

What are the Standard Aspects of any Magento Store Locator Extension?

There are a few key aspects of any store locator extension that you should always look for when choosing which one to install. Below is a list of the main components necessary:

1. Integration of Google Maps

Convince me that Google Maps isn’t the best and most widely used mapping software for general use by the public. I doubt you can.

So, when you choose an extension if it uses any else, you can immediately disregard it and move on.

No customer is going to purposefully try to figure out how to use another mapping application just to find out where you are located. Most likely they will just copy your address and paste it into a new tab that has Google Maps open, completely disregarding your fancy integrated store location extension.

2. Detailed Multi-Store Information

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What is the point of a store location extension if it doesn’t also include the store information? Not much use.

Customers want all of the information in one place. The few the clicks the more convinced they will be that you are an expert.

The extension should allow you to customize each store location with detailed store information such as hours, phone number, website, and other description details.

This information could also include photos of the actual location or inside. Photos are a big seller for potential customers. They can give a sense of comfort to the potential client by safely introducing them to your business, location, and how the inside is stocked.

Clean and brightly lit locations show off your business’s advantages over the competition that may not have any photos on the web.

3. Filter Store Locations

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A great asset for businesses with multiple addresses and locations is the ability for the customer to choose which location to visit based on a set of criteria that runs through a filter and spits out the best choose, a customized recommendation to the customer.

Any customer is much more likely to visit a physical store or pick up goods from a store if it can find out which store to visit without actually having to call anyone.

Further, the filters could indicate what type of services or what products are sold at each location further distinguishing yourself from your competition.

This type of organization and efficiently is incredible powerful in gaining customer trust and loyalty.

4. Operating Hours Should Alter Based on Fluid Configuration


The opening and closing hours shouldn’t be fixed. What about holidays? Are you open on New Year’s Day? Eve? Federal holidays? Often customers are searching your website just to figure out if you are open.

If they can’t do that you are much more likely to lose their business.

5. The Magento Store Locator Extension should be easy to install


Let’s face it. Not all of us are computer programmers. That is okay. We are excellent at our day jobs and running our business.

So, it makes reasonable sense that any extension used should be easy to install and program based on the basic needs of the business. That is a given.

A store locator extension is no exception to this rule. Expect proper installation documentation and support! You are the consumer in the scenario. You should never feel taken advantage of.

So, which Magento Store Locator Extension should you buy?

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After looking at all of the extension and weighing the pros, cons, and costs this article will just conclude with the number one extension.

Reviewed used was Store Locator & In-Store Pickup by MageWorx, Store Locator by Krish TechnoLabs, Store Locator & Map List by Magenest, and Google Maps Store Locator by FMEextensions.

However, the most efficient and effective extension for desktop and mobile ready sites is Store Locator Extension for Magento 2 by CreativeMinds. Why?

CreativeMinds has a full library of extensions and experience

This Store Locator Extension for Magento 2 hits all of the main points necessary for a useful extension and one of the cheapest prices. At $129 with 12 months of free support it is by far one of the most affordable extensions on the market.

All of the other store locator extensions were too clumsy, too complicated, or not enough flexibility. For the simple job of integrating Google Maps into the website CreativeMinds has the best to offer. The application is highly efficient and easy to navigate.

However, if there is a need for explanation their website contains installation and programming video guides which is incredibly helpful. So, you can rest assured that you can find a solution if you happen to run into any problems.

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