7 Superb Magento Themes for 2024

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If you’re struggling to find the perfect theme, check out our list of the best Magento themes for 2024.

7 Superb Magento Themes for 2022

What to Consider Before Choosing Your Theme

What to Consider Before Choosing Your Theme - 7 Superb Magento Themes for 2024

Before you jump into choosing your theme, there are some things you need to consider.

Free or paid? There are both free and premium options available. Consider whether you have the budget for a paid theme, or if free is the way to go.

Is it user friendly? Consumers want a smooth shopping experience. The best Magento themes are clear and easy to navigate, as well as visually pleasing.

Does it have responsive design? More people than ever browse on their phones. Your theme needs to work as well on mobile as it does on desktop.

Are there customization options? Many themes come with pre-designed layouts with their own colorways and design features. These might not be to everyone’s taste, so check there are customization tools available to tweak the theme.

Is there support available? Make sure your theme is from a reputable developer, who offers regular updates and support.

Does it work with the latest Magento release? While Magento 1 is phasing out, Magento 2 platform have frequent updates and some of them require a change in themes code. Make sure the theme is up-to-date with your latest Magento 2 version and if it has any restrictions on previous versions.

So now we know the basics to look out for, lets take a closer look at the best Magento themes on the market.

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The Best Magento Themes for 2024

The Best Magento Themes for 2024 - 7 Superb Magento Themes for 2024

1. Porto

Porto is a popular theme that checks all the right boxes. It comes with a price tag, so may not be for every business – but its positive points make it well worth consideration.

User friendly and responsive design, flexibility, SEO optimization, and a whole host of customization options. What’s not to love?

Find out more about Porto and its features on Themeforest.

2. Claue

Next up is Claue, a theme that regularly appears in Themeforest’s list of best sellers.

Made by ArrowHiTech, Claue is a stunning theme best suited to fashion brands or any store that wants to make stunning product photos front and center of the website.

The photo options are what make Claue stand out from the crowd: you can enable lazy loading for faster speed, 360 degree view for images, and integrate Instagram directly into your store.

Find out more about Claue.

3. Barbour

Barbour’s pre-designed layouts make it one of the best Magento themes for 2024. Responsive, sleek design is the name of the game here. However, if you’re not a fan of the pre-designed layouts, there are plenty of customization options to help you make the theme your own.

Another of Barbour’s selling points is the support on offer. High praise for the developer’s customer service indicates there will always be help on hand if you encounter technical hitches.

You can find out more about Barbour on its Themeforest profile.

4. Market

Market - The Best Magento Themes for 2024 - 7 Superb Magento Themes for 2024

As the name suggests, Market is a good fit for eCommerce marketplaces. The layouts lend themselves to multi-vendor sites with a number of different brands and product categories.

Market has a fully responsive design, looking good on a range of devices. It also comes with fully customizable menu options, including Mega Menu and a CSS menu.

If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with accompanying extensions that extend the functionality of your eCommerce store.

Find out more details about Market.

5. Ultimo

Looking for the ultimate responsive theme? Look no further than Ultimo. The theme looks stunning across all devices, including PCs, tablets, and phones.

Ultimo is a great theme for any business type – from fashion to food – because it’s fully customizable. You can adjust any part of the theme with ease, and there are multiple homepage layouts available here.

Does Ultimo sound like your theme? Find out more details about Ultimo on Themeforest.

6. Zumi

Do you run a kitchen and house equipment store? Then Zumi could be the theme for you. It markets itself as the theme for kitchen appliance suppliers, but there’s flexibility here that could make it adaptable for any store.

It offers responsive design across devices, lots of color choices, and includes some additional Magento extensions for you to try out.

Zumi comes with a rich selection of in-built features and advanced customization options, so it truly is one of the best eCommerce themes for 2024.

Find out more about Zumi.

7. LoftStyle

There’s a lot to love about LoftStyle. Known for its sleek and minimalistic design, it’s perfect for 2024. LoftStyle is simple and elegant, showing your products in the best light without flashy gimmicks.

It’s SEO optimized, has a responsive design, and offers an excellent user experience. What more could you want from your Magento theme?

You can find out more about LoftStyle over on Themeforest.

Finding the Theme For You

If none of these themes quite fit your vision, there are plenty more to browse on Themeforest, as well as other sites. The look and feel of your Magento site is up to you – so let those creative juices flow!

Help and Support for Magento

Help and Support for Magento - 7 Superb Magento Themes for 2024

We know building and maintaining a top class website can be a challenge, so we’re here to offer you help and support with a range of Magento customization projects. Find out more about hiring our expert developers.

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