Make Your Customers Happy With These 5 Top Magento FAQ Extensions

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Having a FAQ webpage is an essential part of any Magento store. An FAQ allows users to easily find answers about your products or services, all located in one convenient place.

Make Your Customers Happy With These 5 Top Magento FAQ Extensions

Magento FAQ extensions also eliminate customer frustration and resolve issues quickly without the need of a customer support team.

The FAQ extension easily adds a helpful frequently asked questions page to your website, which can be fully customized and easily searchable. FAQs can also be grouped and searched by categories and subcategories in the case of websites with a large volume of content. /p>

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1) Fancy FAQ Extension

The Fancy FAQ Extension from CreativeMinds is a highly rated and responsive FAQ tool, that allows users to easily search for content by categories using an autocomplete search bar. The Magento Fancy FAQ extension is $79 for one live site and two test hosts and the enterprise version is $199 for one live site and two test hosts. There is a one year full license and support with all updates as well with purchase.

This extension allows the FAQ page to be updated frequently whenever new questions or answers need to be addressed. Admin can easily create and manage the page, as well as questions and answers and categories on the FAQ page. Admins can also select which question categories should appear and in what order they will appear on the page.

Top Magento FAQ extensions image

This is another example of the Fancy FAQ page:

Top Magento FAQ extensions image

The FAQ page can also be setup like this:

Top Magento FAQ extensions image

Top Magento FAQ extensions image

2) Easy FAQ

The Easy FAQ extension by MageWorld is a top rated FAQ extension for Magento. It’s currently available for all versions of Magento for $79. This FAQ extension allows users to enter key words into the search bar to find any FAQ quickly, as well as simply submit questions they have to be answered.

It is also possible to collapse or expand the questions and answers to make viewing more selective and not overcrowd the FAQ page.

Top Magento FAQ extensions image

This extension is very user friendly to install and upgrade, and admins can fully customize it with CSS. Easy FAQ has extensive front-end and backend features and includes informative documentation for all users. This extension includes a lifetime of support and upgrades, a plethora of screenshots and is a five star rated extension for FAQ products.

Top Magento FAQ extensions image

3) Magento FAQ & Product Questions Extension

The Magento FAQ & Product Question Extension from Amasty is a top rated FAQ extension that allows users to write questions directly on a product or service page and get an immediate response. The product retails for $99 and the enterprise version is $299, with the first three months of support completely free. There are additional support packages for a cost as well as an installation fee, but updates are free for life.

The extension includes in-depth user guides, interactive demos and helps with SEO friendly URLs. Admins also have the ability to rate answers, attach files or images to answers, customize the layout and much more. Social sharing buttons can also be added to product pages.

Top Magento FAQ extensions image

4) FAQ and Product Questions for Magento 2

Faq is a customer support-driven FAQ extension for Magento. It is currently available for Magento, and exists to solve pre-purchase customer queries in a prompt manner. Admin can simply add, edit or update the FAQs at any time.

The Faq extension has a streamlined interface that is fully customizable, and advanced styling features. There are lots of helpful documentation and screenshots to help you get started.


5) Knowledge Base for Magento 2

The Knowledge Base for Magento 2 is available for $199. This innovative extension allows for searching by categories for FAQ, and fully configuring the extension in the backend to fit your product or service.

This knowledge base allows the admin to create beautiful FAQ answers, enable a rating system, create tags and multiple categories. There are helpful demo, documentation, and articles to further answer any questions users may have about the extension or its features.


In conclusion, having a FAQ extension on your website is a given and it’s important to choose the correct one. All of the extensions featured in this list include recent updates and unique features that make them top rated choices and excellent options for all types of businesses.

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