A.I., Marketing... Magento: What You Should Expect in 2024

Nathan Orr

Maintaining its position as the most popular dedicated eCommerce platform in the world is high on the agenda, but what else can you expect from Magento in 2022?

A.I., Marketing… Magento: What You Should Expect in 2022

Along with Magento’s in house team, the platform has a community of over 250,000 developers contributing to the platform’s growth. But as it’s constantly evolving, it’s important that Magento users remain informed about what’s to come for the platform. Doing so enables you to plan out your future eCommerce selling strategies.

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What to Expect from Magento in 2022

To help you keep up to date with Magento, here’s the forecast on what to expect from the platform in 2022.

Magento 2022: What to Expect

1. A.I. to Improve Customer Engagement

A.I. is influencing the way users engage with websites, and new eCommerce capabilities are emerging from this.

The technology is being applied to analyze consumer behavior, and the gathered data can help aid the customer experience. As it continues to develop, the demand for A.I driven tools to enhance the user and customer experiences has risen massively – and Magento will certainly adapt to this.

For example, Chatbots are being implemented on more and more websites as instant customer support becomes a growing standard.

Being renowned for their customer management tools, it makes sense to see an emphasis on chatbots. Namely, empowering websites to better analyze customers and their concerns, then respond to their needs instantly without requiring the same level of manpower.

2. More Personalized Marketing Efforts

Magento 2022: What to Expect

Another major area where A.I is being applied in eCommerce is personalization.

Data is being gathered to target customer’s personalities and preferences like never before. Specialized ads, coupons, and product recommendations are all more powerful than ever.

However, it’s important to note that not all personalization initiatives require A.I to be effective.

Simple touches like automatically addressing all emails to the recipient’s name or segmenting customers by demographics to send unique messages (think cosmetics companies advertising cologne to men and perfume to women) are tactics that have been around for a while. Push notifications that track user activity and send alerts to stimulate activity over time are also becoming more commonly used.

Still, by applying A.I. driven analytics that monitor customer habits, much deeper information can be gathered. Marketers can distribute the right messages to the right people without needing to lift a finger.

Advancements in personalization like these are allowing webstores to massively enhance their marketing efforts, and Magento developers will surely take advantage in 2022.

3. Tools to Move Life Forward Post-Pandemic

Magento 2022: What to Expect

There’s no denying, the pandemic has changed all of our lives. It’s also had a monumental impact on the eCommerce industry, so how will this effect Magento going forward into the New Year?

Magento have been reflecting on how the pandemic has changed digital commerce. From increased page loading times to increasing flexible payments, the points listed here demonstrate the eCommerce giants priorities going into 2022.

Expect to see updates and features that help eCommerce businesses to meet these goals and expectations.


Magento 2022: What to Expect

2021 was an eventful year for Magento and 2022 is shaping up to be the same.

Rapid changes in eCommerce will always require webstores to innovate and adapt, and predicting the right move isn’t always easy. That said, try to plan your business according to the incoming changes and trends mentioned above.

For Magento users wanting assistance in planning and adapting their webstore for future, check out our Magento support services.

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