How to Best Integrate Social Media to Promote your Magento Store

Nathan Orr

These days, everyone knows that social media is a powerful Ecommerce marketing tool, and of course the same is true when it comes to Magento social media marketing.

How to Best Integrate Social Media to Promote your Magento Store

But the ways to integrate social media into Magento stores are often confusing for new users, along with users who are just starting to explore their webstore’s social media capabilities.

To learn how to empower your own Ecommerce social media channels, check out today’s brief guide about integrating social media websites with Magento.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing - Creative Minds Blog

But before we go into the methods, let’s look at why it is worth devoting any attention to your Magento store’s social media presence in the first place.

Here are just a few social media Ecommerce benefits:

—Increase Website Traffic by Generating Social Media Leads

Social Media websites are the primary source of information for many online users, meaning people are much more likely to discover your brand when it’s represented on these websites. Browsing users who interact with your advertisements all turn into potential customers to your website.

—Build Brand Awareness and Product Authority

Brand loyalty is a big deal, and it’s no secret that people are way more inclined to act on recommendations from their friends. When your Ecommerce enters social media, you make it easy for customers to engage with you and share your products.

—Create a Dialogue Between Your Customers and Brand

Social media is a great way to reach and communicate directly with your audience. There’s much to be learned from customer comments, reviews, and recommendations that provide invaluable insight into your target audience.

These are only some of the major benefits that social media marketing carries. When done well, you’ll be able to turn loyal customers into advocates (or marketers) for your brand, and get people genuinely excited to listen to your store’s announcements.

How to Enable Magento Social Media Marketing

How to Enable Magento Social Media Marketing - Creative Minds Blog

In its current version, the only way to connect a Magento store to social media networks are through Magento extensions.

For Reference: Magento extensions are installable add-ons that extend the functions of a Magento webstore. They are easily found in the Magento Extension Marketplace, and in the product pages of third-party developers (like our own).

Third-Party Extensions – Magento and Everything Else (Including Facebook)

Facebook is only one of multiple crucial social media channels.

To connect your Magento store to Twitter, LinkedIn, and the rest, you will need to seek out third party extensions. Not to mention, there are many third-party Facebook extensions different from Magento Social that supply additional social media management abilities.

For example: Here’s a Facebook Direct Publishing extension we developed that also allows you to display store products on your company’s Facebook page.

The extension above goes beyond the functions of a free Magento Social installation by providing an intuitive that dashboard that’s specifically focused on helping you drive effective product campaigns with time-saving shortcuts and comprehensive tracking of your relevant website analytics.

So ultimately, to enable Magento social media integration with other websites you’ll need to search around online for other third-party developer’s extensions.

But don’t worry, we’ll help point you in the right direction.

Popular Social Media and Content Sharing Websites to Connect With

Popular Social Media and Content Sharing Websites to Connect With - Creative Minds Blog

So, the big question that remains now is what websites and social media hubs should you connect your store to?

The social media marketing needs of every Ecommerce website are unique, as are the effective online channels they should use. Since your own webstore’s practices and goals will determine what websites you’ll need extensions for, finding your best marketing channels will take some research.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite content sharing websites:

Look here for a comprehensive list of effective social media platforms and other content sharing websites that can boost your Ecommerce marketing efforts.

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