5 Easy Ways to Increase Sales On Your eCommerce store

Ditsa Keren

If you’re selling goods online, and if you wish to increase sales on your eCommerce store, here are 5 super-easy ways you can do this with a relatively low investment.

5 Easy Ways to Increase Sales On Your eCommerce store

Present your products at their best

Nothing looks less professional than a bad presentation of your products, so first and foremost, your website has to look good and appeal to the eye.

Remember that your website design is like the interior of your store, so it has to be kept “clean and tidy”, which in web terms means no moving, tacky objects that disturb the eye, clear labels, attractive images and pleasant colors.

Present your products at their best - 5 Easy Ways to Increase Sales On Your eCommerce store

Next, read through your product descriptions and make sure they are thorough, comprehensive, and interesting. Then, look at your product images- Do the colors in the image match the colors of your theme? Is the lighting complementing your products? Is it possible to zoom in and view the fine details? Is the resolution ok?

All of these details have a huge impact on the psychological effects that will determine your conversion rates, so do not underestimate them!

Depending on your content management system, you might want to use plugins and extensions that make it easier to upload products onto your shop, such as the CM frontend product upload extension for Magento, and likewise.

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Understand your audience

Targeting your potential customers requires that you understand their habits, needs and aspirations. One way of doing that is by filtering your social media followers and checking their age, sex, country of origin and fields of interest.

If you want information on more specific people, for example, on your email subscribers, you can use our advanced newsletter registration extension for Magento, which reveals information such as geo-location, referring URL, page on which they have made their subscription and other useful factors. Obviously, you can only personalize your content marketing to a certain degree, but try to find creative ways of using this data, for example, by sending localized holiday greetings.

Use product reviews

Use product reviews - 5 Easy Ways to Increase Sales On Your eCommerce store

Product reviews are the winning factor when it come to corporate reliability. Nothing is more convincing than someone else’s experience. Ask your existing customers to write reviews about your products and offer them an incentive in exchange. Use our automated product review email notifications system to help you get those reviews across. Even reviews that aren’t perfect can increase sales on your eCommerce store, as they prepare the customer to the product’s disadvantages, which in most case they are interested to know about.

Give out freebies

If you have some products that have been in stock for a long time, or whenever there’s a special event that can be an excuse for generating sales (remember those holiday greeting?!), create some attractive coupon codes and spread them across your social media profile and other popular marketing channels.

You can even offer them in exchange for a “like” to increase visibility. Remember though that coupon codes stay around the web for a long time, so for extra safety, and to prevent misunderstandings, install the CM error messages extension on your store for cases when a coupon has been overused or expired.

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