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Frequently asked questions about some of our most-known products

What Language Are WordPress Plugins Written In?

WordPress And Associated Plugins Are All Generally The Same Language For the content management system, WordPress, and the plugins to effectively and efficiently work together they need to be able ...

Where Are My WordPress Plugins Options Stored?

Are WordPress Plugins Options Stored On The Website? When you use any type of WordPress plugin there are associated options that often need to be filled out for proper use. ...

Where Are The WordPress Plugins Stored?

Where are the WordPress plugins stored is a great question. WordPress has adopted a highly standardized and easy to use common directory for all core files and folders. This allows ...

Are WordPress Plugins Open Source?

If you are running WordPress and have plugins and themes that you need to customize to fit the goals of your website then you need to understand your rights as ...

Are WordPress Plugins Safe to Use?

So you are making a website and want to use or are using WordPress. Congratulations! You’ve joined the millions across the globe including major corporate brands in how they grow ...
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