Best Force HTTPS Wordpress Plugins in 2019

Best Force HTTPS WordPress Plugins in 2019

It’s important for your WordPress website to be enabled for HTTPS instead of HTTP. Using a HTTPS plugin means that your website will overall be much more secure due to fully encrypted connections. These HTTPS plugins keep customer information and data safe in the digital age and easily secure old content as well.

With HTTPS, no one will be able to steal or use your data and having secure encryption will actually improve your search engine ranking. Having a secure website will also make your WordPress website much more attractive to customers and they will keep coming back.

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Having HTTPS means your website has an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, which encrypts all your website data on both your server and your browser. The SSL certificate is also why a secure website is HTTPS and not HTTP.

There are several WordPress HTTPS plugins which can assist you in switching from HTTP to HTTPS and keep all of your website data completely secure. In addition, these WordPress plugins can help you redirect pages to HTTPS easily which saves time and effectively secures your pages without having to rebuild them.

HTTPS plugin

It’s important to have a secure website using HTTPS especially if you have a business selling a product or service, so that all customer information stays secure.

This includes credit card payments, names, addresses, and other sensitive information which people share in the process of making a purchase. Having HTTPS in your WordPress website URL also indicates to users that your website is secure within seconds of loading it.

1) WordPress Force HTTP to HTTPS (SSL) & Mixed-Content Fixer Plugin

This Force HTTPS plugin from CreativeMinds exists to automatically redirect from HTTP to HTTPS and enable SSL on each page. It’s an all-in-one solution to enable HTTPS and SSL as well as scan and fix all unsecured content on your webpages and manage all connections from one helpful admin dashboard.

CM WordPress HTTPS Pro
WordPress HTTPS SSL Plugin
This plugin automatically sets up a redirection from http to the https version of an URL. The plugin can force your entire domain to be auto redirected to the HTTPS URL or selectively choose a few pages to be redirected.
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The plugin is available for $29 for up to two websites and $59 for up to five websites. This includes a year of all support and updates, a product user guide and excellent customer support and documentation.

Some additional features of the plugin include WordPress multisite integration, full URL mapping and URL filtering if you want to decide which webpages you want to secure. Also, connecting SSL is a simple one-click operation to enable and disable.

HTTPS Plugin

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2) Easy HTTPS Redirection Plugin

This HTTPS plugin is available for free form, and forces search engines to index the HTTPS versions of your webpages. Also, the plugin automatically setup a redirection to the HTTPS version of each of your webpages URLS, so users will automatically be taken to the secure page when they try to access the non-secure page.

HTTPS plugin

One feature of this plugin is that it auto redirects for the entire website domain or admin can choose to auto redirects for just a few specific pages. Also, admin can force load static files like images using a secure connection.

In addition, this HTTPS plugin also supports translation with multiple languages including English and German. There is also helpful documentation and 24/7 support options for this highly rated plugin.

3) Really Simple SSL Plugin

Really Simple SSL is just that: a plugin which makes securing your URL and website as simple as possible. However, this plugin also requires you to get an SSL certificate and then activate this plugin for WordPress.

One nice feature is that SSL can be implemented with one simple click after installation. There is an extensive mixed content scan to detect issues that aren’t fixed automatically by the plugin.

There is also a pro version of the plugin, which is $26 for a single website, $59 for up to five websites and $159 for unlimited websites. This plugin also offers a wide variety of support options as well as detailed documentation.

HTTPS Plugin

Another nice feature is that this WordPress HTTPS plugin does not affect website speed, and works with all types of SSL certificates. This plugin is constantly being updated, and all updates and support are included.


Using an HTTPS WordPress plugin is a must in today’s digital world. In addition to increasing the security of all of your content, information and data, HTTPS plugins improve the overall encryption of websites worldwide.

While this feature is now included in most HTTPS plugins, the fact that these plugins actually improve your websites higher Google search rankings and other search engine rankings is also a major plus for using these plugins.

Security is just as important as website speed and content in a digital world where more products and services are being created everyday.

Using these HTTPS WordPress plugins also creates a sense of trust so customers feel better and are much more likely to use your website due to its extra security. With the Internet always growing exponentially there is always a chance for hacking or data theft and HTTPS greatly decreases this risk for your information.