Take Full Control Of Your Website With These 5 Custom Reports WordPress Plugins

Take Full Control Of Your Website With These 5 Custom Reports WordPress Plugins

Having a successful WordPress website is great, but having extensive and accurate reporting on all your information on your WordPress site is even better. Custom reports plugins for WordPress provide helpful statistical information for products, user traffic and so much more.

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Custom reports are an excellent way for admin to really understand what is going on with their website. Admin can get insight from custom reports about what products or services are driving traffic and what kind of users from what areas of the world are viewing their content.

1) Custom Reports Plugin

This Custom Reports Plugin from CreativeMinds is a helpful solution for creating auto-generated reports on user activity. The current price is $29 for one website and $59 for up to five websites. There is a one year license with all updates and support.

The plugin creates over 17 statistical charts and graphs, which can be exported through PDF and CSV files. These reports can include comments, stats of newly published pages, the number of registered users, user logins, website revisions and much more.

2) WooCommerce Quick Reports

WooCommerce Quick Reports is available for free from WordPress.org. This custom reports plugin has an intuitive dashboard which is user friendly and simple to organize. WooCommerce Quick Reports includes order status reports, device based reports, payment and shipping method reports and much more.

Some features of this custom reports plugin include being compatible with most themes and multiple web browsers. In addition, this is a five star rated plugin with good support options, which is also frequently updated.

3) Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP is an essential reports plugin because it easily integrates Google Analytics with your WordPress site. The plugin is available for free from WordPress.org and is a top rated plugin with extensive reports tracking features.

This custom reports plugin includes real-time statistics, like real-time traffic sources and numbers of visitors. Admin can also control which users can see tracking reports and the tracking code is fully customizable for all users.

4) Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin

The Enhanced Google Analytics Plugin is a free analytics tracking plugin designed specifically for ecommerce stores. Users have access to four helpful reports detailing sales, checkout and shipping performance as well as supporting multiple currencies.

Some features include adding a tracking code easily for guest checkout users, and organizing products by popularity for more accurate statistical reporting. Products added to cart, products clicked and product impressions can all be reported simply with this plugin.

5) Clicky

Clicky is a well known real-time analytics tracking plugin for WordPress that is available for free. The tracking code is placed on every single page and statistics can be accessed from the admin dashboard or through a helpful widget.

Clicky allows admin to track specific user names, emails, video tracking for YouTube, as well as adjust cache support and allows multilanguage support. The pro version starts at $9.99 a month and $79 for a year, with support with unlimited tracking.


Choosing a custom reports plugin is an important task since analytics tracking and reports accurately depict which products or services people are interested in. All of the custom reports plugins in this list include top quality plugins which all have their own great features, and the key is to find the best fit for you!

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