5 Best Curated Twitter Aggregator Plugins To Get Social With WordPress

5 Best Curated Twitter Aggregator Plugins To Get Social With WordPress

Social media websites, like Twitter, are a major part of everyday life and can be an essential part of any WordPress website. Having the ability to add and create information using Twitter aggregator plugins is just another way for your business to be successful in the digital age.

While social media plugins are relatively new, the content they create and disperse is not. Twitter aggregator plugins are tools that display relevant news or specific information that people want to know more about. These plugins have the ability to quickly reveal the relevant information readers want and draw more people to your WordPress site.

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1) Curated Twitter Aggregator

The Curated Twitter Aggregator plugin both imports and aggregates multiple Twitter feeds and arranges them into categories and lists easily. A shortcode can be used to display each curated Twitter feed list on any post or page.

This plugin is ideal for content marketing and promotion because it creates lists of Twitter feeds, arranges a full knowledge base by categories and recommends other Twitter feeds. The pro version is $29 for 1 website and $59 for 5 websites. All purchases come with full support and updates as well as helpful documentation and video tutorials.

2) Curator

Curator is a fully brandable social media aggregator plugin, which can pull all social media channels you have into one manageable feed on your WordPress site. This unique plugin allows for full customization of the social media feed, and is ideal for visual heavy companies in industries like photography.

Curator has a free version as well as a personal version for $10, a pro version for $25, a business version for $50 and an exclusive enterprise version you have to ask about. Packages are available monthly or yearly, with support options.

3) Flockler

Flockler is a social media aggregator plugin that is completely mobile responsive and SEO friendly. The plugin integrates with themes easily and features of the plugin are completely customizable, without affecting the site speed performance.

Flockler lets users personalize tags and categories based on stored metadata. A social wall can be created easily on any page of post, and there is helpful documentation to support this. The regular version is $49, the basic version is $99, the pro version is $299 and the premium version is $499 and supports up to20 automated feeds.

4) Juicer

Juicer is a simple way to aggregate social media posts and hashtags into one easy to use feed. Juicer is a one stop shop for all things sleek and organized. This plugin displays an elegant feed of social media posts which are easy to access. The small plan is free, the medium is $19 and the large is $99, depending on the features.

Juicer has the ability to filter and moderate all posts, as an effective tool to analyze social media engagement within the website. There is also a simple three step installation process, to get the plugin working in next to no time at all.

5) Social Stream

Social Stream is a top rated social media app for WordPress. It is ideal for ecommerce websites and admin can place a social widget on any page to display social media posts. This high quality plugin is an excellent choice for large businesses and supports all social media platforms, including Twitter.

This plugin features a handy one click install, updates frequently and has many support options. Users can customize settings to filter certain categories or hashtags easily. This social media aggregator plugin is free or available at a monthly rate for online stores. It’s a great choice for gaining followers as well.


In conclusion, having twitter aggregator plugins makes your website more social and successful. The options in this list have top quality features, affordable prices, good reputations and excellent support. The idea is to find the plugin that is the best fit for your business overall.